Thursday, September 15, 2011

Introducing..."Flirting With Temptation" Thursday!

Hi Gorgeous Dolls!

It is with great pleasure & love...that I introduce to of my favorite Blonde's, brand new link-up...
"Flirting With Temptation" Thursdays

The beautiful Kori, from Blonde hosting her brand new link-up...relating to anything & everything that's tempting you! A new pair of shoes, the "to die for" bag...anything your heart desires! 

Please stop by and show Kori a whole lotta  ♥ & join us & share all your latest temptations!

Here are mine for this week...

Hey...I was taught a long time ago to dream big! Ha Ha. 
"It could happen..."

I ♥ you, Kori & I'm so happy you're my new Friend! 
BEST of Luck with this new adventure!
I'll be supporting you 100%! 

Wishing you all...a day as beautiful as you! 

Also...I'd LOVE for you to join me tomorrow for my "Friday Favorites" Link-Up! A day where you share all your favorites you're loving each week. You can read all about it here!

Hope to see you there! 

Love & Temptation,


Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting earlier :) I'm loving this link up!

And the Louis Vuitton case. Definitely falls in the temptation category!

Kori Donahue said...

You are amazing honey!!!! I will take that LV trunk any day. What a great post and I always appreciate the love and support you show me everyday!!! Have a wonderful Friday to you honey!!! Kori xoxo

Veronika said... are very welcome! =) Me too! Kori rocks & this idea is so fun! The case...oh the case...I am IN LOVE! =) Happy Friday, Sweetheart! If you're free & wanna play again today...come see my link-up! Would LOVE to have you! =) XO

Veronika said...

Kori, sweet Kori... =) You are oh so welcome, Honey & they feeling is completely mutual! You're the best...that's why! =) Such a fun idea & we all love & support you! =) Always a pleasure & I'm here...any time. Happy Friday to you too! MUAH! XO

Heather said...

You NEED those roller skates! How cute! I love the black LV bag! Awesome!!!

Veronika said...

Ha Ha. I SURE DO, Heather! =) SO SO cute! And LV...TO DIE...literally! =) Love you! MUAH!