Monday, September 12, 2011

Bucket List

Hi Beauties!
Happy Monday!
These last couple of days in Texas have been amazing & have felt exactly how Fall should feel! Crisp air, slight wind, no more AC...heaven! I am a fresh air freak & have missed it so very much! I love love love the sun, but the only thing bad about the heat, for constant AC. I need me some "real" air! After finishing all my work yesterday...I spent the day curled up on the couch with all my babies (B and D&G) & thought it was a perfect day to start my Bucket List. I've been wanting to start one for a while now, so I was excited to finally take the time to sit down & make one. Here's what I've come up with so far. I'll add this post to my "INSIDE MY ♥" link & as I accomplish them...I will check each one off! 

My Bucket List

Sign up for singing lessons
Learn to play guitar (acoustic)
Travel to Australia
Retire Papa & Mama 100% & give them $5,000/month
Hold a baby monkey
Go to NY in the winter & go on a carriage ride & ice skate in Rockefeller Center
Go to Brazil & help with the MORE project (Monavie's Cause)
Go on two family cruises. Ohanian's & Welt's
Go to an "authentic" luau & wear a flower in my hair
Go on an African Safari
Surprise Papa with his fence & 2 doggies
Become Black Diamond in Monavie
Double SHARP's income. (The more money we make...the more lives we are able to change)
Go to The Kentucky Derby & wear a fabulous hat.
Be on The Secret Millionaire
Go on a couples trip one day, like on Couples Retreat.
Be limber enough to do the splits again.
Start doing Yoga
Travel to Bora Bora/Fiji & stay in a glass bottom hut
Provide an entire Christmas for 3 families every year
Be "bikini ready" all year long
Work hard for awesome abs
Sing for B
Sing for an audience (other than D&G)
Grow my blog to 1,000 followers (the more followers...the more lives I've "hopefully" touched)
Start Making You Tube Videos
Create an Etsy Store
Learn Russian/Armenian/Spanish
Start my own weekly "Blog Hop"
Get Married (again) every year on our anniversary the "customs" of wherever we are
1 year -Kauai, Hawaii. Beach Wedding.
2 years
3 years
4 years
5 years

To be continued...

That's all I have so far, but I'm sure I'll come up with more as times goes on!
I would LOVE to hear what's on your Bucket List!
If only just your most important "to-do's".

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend & are ready for this beautiful week ahead!
Today marks day 1 for start working on being 'bikini ready" all ready & the INSANE abs I want!  I can't WAIT to cross those babies off this list! 

Have a perfect day & week, and ALWAYS remember that someone named Veronika, loves you & thinks you're amazing!

Put on your invisible cape & conquer this world! 

Buckets Full of Love,


shoe-bee said...

luv it!

Veronika said... YOU! =) Have a beautiful day, Sweetheart! XO

Sarah's House Child & Family Advocacy Center said...

You inspire me!

lovefrost said...

i'll help you work on the abs goal. we can both workout for awesome abs! :)

Veronika said... are too sweet, J! Ditto, Honey...Ditto. =) Sure hope your heart (& everything in it) is happy! You are always in mine. Love you bunches! XO

Veronika said...

And lovefrost...not sure who this is, without a name (Elizabeth?)...but I sure wanna know! =) Sounds awesome! XO