Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Favorites

Happy "Friday Favorites", Beautiful Dolls! 

Thank you so much for joining me on my brand new link-up! 
I'm so excited to have you with me & to be back in action! If you missed my first post, explaining all about can read it here.

"Friday Favorites" is day where you post all the things you're loving this week, such as...

Here are my favorites this week...

1. Thank You Cards...via Snail Mail

There's nothing in the world like opening your mailbox & finding some surprise love stuffed in it! It always makes my day. No matter what "time" we're in now...some things should never be replaced with technology. Home-made, so much better. Here's what goes into a snail mail card...

1. Writing down & remembering all important dates/people.
2. Going to the store.
3. Spending time reading & searching for just the right one. (If it makes you laugh or's usually the right one.)
4. Buying the perfect stickers/embelishments to put on/inside it. And if you're me...I need me a little bling & some confetti for the occasion. (A word of caution to anyone who receives a card from very carefully. Surprises will come out!"
5. Coming home & finding just the right words to say, & making it "perfect".
6. Sealing it with love & a well wish
7. Sending it on it's way
8. Receiving it & knowing that not only did they remember you...they remembered you ahead of time. 

And an e-mail/card...

1. Copy. Paste. Send. 
Ha Ha Ha.
Maybe a little more thought. Just not the same at all.
Don't get me wrong...kindness is kindness & no act ever goes unnoticed or unappreciated, but there's just something extra special about time & effort...that makes all the difference in the world. 

So...get out your "goodies" & send someone some home-made love! They'll be so happy you did!

Thank you, my beautiful Sister, Verenia...and my two Beautiful Cousins, Mariah & Susik. You are all, so very welcome & I love & appreciate you...with all of my heart! 

2. Hello Kitty Sandwich Maker

Is this adorable or what? Just got it in the mail yesterday & I can't WAIT to try it out! Although it is the cutest thing ever (look at that face on your bread)...I really wanted it to make the perfect grilled cheeses. I am obsessed with GC's...and I am never patient enough to get the cheese to melt the right way. One side is too burt...the other not melted...not so yummy. Until now. These little grills make my little obsession perfect every time! And that sweet face smiling up at added bonus! Ha Ha. 
If you want one too...I got mine at Sanrio

3. JAPONESQUE Eyelash Curler

Move over Shu've got yourself some serious competition!!! 
Ever since my "eye irritation" (you can read all about my lovely ordeal here) of the things I came up with as a cause was maybe, somehow/someway...I was all of a sudden allergic to the metal of my eyelash curler. Doesn't make much sense, I know...but Dr's said that could very easily happen. my quest to find a plastic eyelash curler, as wonderful as my Shu Uemura will not believe what I found! I read about this brand in a magazine, and since I had no idea where to get it, I turned to my trusty friend...Amazon. Sure enough. It didn't let me down. This little guy is AMAZE!!! After reading all the insane reviews...I decided to order one & see for myself. People were swearing by this thing! It comes in black & pink, and I wanted black so it wouldn't show the yucky so fast, but it was sold out. These things sell like hotcakes! Anyway...when it arrived...I ripped open the box & tried it out! OMG!!! You will seriously die! A million times longer lashes than anything I've ever used before! I mean a signaficant difference. Not just a slight difference. And...I didn't even have mascara on. When I did...double the amazement! No exaggeration at all! My eyelashes were so long...mascara kept getting on my eyelids. Not complaining at all. Great problem to have! It's so tiny & so cute, and even comes with extra strips...built in to the bottom! How cute is that? If you want the most FAB lashes you've ever's all about the Japonesque! HOLLA! 
Available at Amazon.

4. Tommy Bahama Tin Candles

Ok so you all know my INSANE OBSESSION with Candleberry Candles right? If not, you can read all about it here. much as I would literally marry those...not so perfect for travel due to the glass jars, so...along came Tommy. Whenever I travel...I need me some fresh, clean, germ ridding, romantic...aroma in my hotel room, so I always bring candles with me. Many shopping trips ago...I discovered my "travel" candle obsession! These Tommy Bahama candles make you wanna slap somebody! They are AMAZING! I so wish you could smell these right now! Just taking off the lid...makes your entire room smell! So yummy I could eat it! They have a few scents & I promise you they are all heavenly, but my very favorite is the MAUI MANGO one. Took the big, three wick one on our Honeymoon & being lit everyday for 3 still wasn't gone when we left! Not only do they smell amazing...they also last forever & burn as evenly as my Candleberry loves. A must have for travel, or for a little bedside glow. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Available here, or of course...any Tommy Bahama store.

5. My Latest Jeffrey Campbell Kicks

With the right outfit...I'm in love! Discovered this guy a few months ago in one of my "junk" emails & have been loving him ever since! Love the quality, the comfort, the height (love me some high heels) & of course...the adorable looks! I got mine here, but I'm sure they sell them at many different locations. SO many fun shoes! 

That's it for this week, Beauties! Thank you to all of you for reading & an extra special Thank You, in advanced...for all of you who link-up with me! Such a fun way to share, support each other, and meet new friends! If you follow me...I will definitely return the favor! Us girls gotta stick together & I love me a "girls-girl"! I love & appreciate you all & as most you!

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Love & Hugs...always & Happy Friday!

A Happy, Grateful Girl,


M.R. said...

I love the sandwich maker- very cute!

(My name is Mariah too!!)

Following you now!

Veronika said...

Yeay! =) Welcome, Mariah & thank you so very much! =) I'm also following you now too! Isn't it too cute? =) If you have anything you'd like to add...please link-up with me! I love to see what people love! =) Have a beautiful day & thanks again! XO

Veronika said...

Nikki...Thanks SO much for linking up, Honey! =) Such a fun surprise! =) Still getting used to all this blogging stuff! Great post & I LOVING seasonal scents! =) Thanks again, Sweetheart! XO

Heather said...

Ooooh, I want to try that eyelash curler! It looks intimidating but, I trust you completely! I am so sorry I couldn't link-up! My day started at 5:40am and ended at 2:00am! Insane day. I was home for a shower and change in the middle and, that was about it. I always want to support you! I will be there next week for sure! I hope you have a fun weekend! I am imagining you eating Hello Kitty toast right now! XOXO

Veronika said...

Heather...I thought the VERY SAME THING & so did a million others on Amazon =) , but...I promise it's safe & not just safe...can you say FAB-U-LASH! =) LOL! You will LOVE it! worries at all about not linking up, Sweetheart. Girl...look how long it took me to reply to this! =) Shoot...I'm lucky if I link-up for my! =) No worries at all. We know we love each other. =) That's all that matters! Awww...Can't wait to have Hello Kitty toast with you! =) Love you! Sweet Dreams. XO

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