Thursday, September 22, 2011

X Factor Fun!

Hey Dolls.
So it's 12:45 am here & B is sound asleep. I'm not yet that tired, so I decide to catch up on my recorded shows. SO excited to watch the premier of X Factor & even more excited to start it off with what you are about to see! 
I literally am CRYING & L'MAO! 
I had to pause it & find this clip on you tube...just in case you missed it! 
Made my entire night! 
Thank God our room is far away from the living room! I am so loud! Ha Ha. 

So...without further adieu...I present to you...

This man is FIERCE! 
SO jealous of his energy & flexibility!
Hope it made your night too!
Sweet Dreams & I'll see you tomorrow! 

Love & Laughs,

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