Sunday, September 11, 2011

We Will NEVER Forget

Instead of posting my usual "Sunday Sweethearts" today...I am paying tribute to the events that changed the world...10 years ago today. I can still remember, as I know you can too...the very moment, the very spot...I first heard the news. I was just waking up, getting ready for work...when my Sister ran in my room & told me what was happening. I turned on my TV & watched in horror...the biggest eyes had ever witnessed. In complete shock, I tried to get myself together to get ready to leave for work. My family & I couldn't believe what was happening & we couldn't seem to get enough information. Somehow the world stopped & we all mourned the same loss. It was so difficult to imagine being at work at a time like this, but what could I really do, you know? How could I help? With a HUGE hug of relief...I said goodbye to my family...and was out the door. At that time, I was a Manager/Matchmaker at Great Expectations (one of the world's largest, most successful dating services), and we just watched the news all day & shared our thoughts amongst each other, as well as with each member that came in that day. Such a somber, surreal moment and so hard to believe it was really happening. 

Two weeks later, believe it or not...I was on a plane...headed for New York. While stopping, as close as we could to Ground Zero...the sights and smell...were indescribable. You could literally smell the burning flesh & everyone was wearing surgical masks. All the surrounding stores were covered in ash. Every article of clothing, still completely in tact...were as white as snow. To say it was an understatement. It was a day...a moment...I will carry in my heart & mind...forever. The fences surrounding the entire area...were completely covered with tributes, pictures & poems. Completely. It was absolutely devastating to be so close...yet so helpless. All of those whose loved ones were lost, walked aimlessly around the streets. Tears & screams rang in our ears, as loud as the sirens that drove by. A real-life nightmare. All I wanted to do was hug everyone...everywhere. 

Even today...10 years later...the sights, sounds, & sorrow...are just as clear in my head and in my heart. The world was changed that day & the only beauty that came out of it...was that for a moment...we were all one. Race didn't matter, Religion didn't matter, Money didn't matter...the world was a family, and each one of us were siblings. To carry on the legacy of all of the lives taken that day, and to have it not be in vain...let's all try our very do our make this world as beautiful as we possibly can. To really treat others like family & never take for granted the people who make up our lives. Because in the end...all we leave our legacy. How do you want to be remembered? 

I pray every day...I can do my little leave this world...more beautiful than I found it. Thank YOU all...for adding to the beauty of my heart. I treasure each & every one of you & I thank you...for sharing this journey with me. 

God Bless You, New York, The USA,  and this entire world...we call home. 

Hug your loved ones extra tight tonight & let us...NEVER FORGET.

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