Sunday, September 18, 2011

Thank You, Jesus!

All Of Texas Is Grateful.


rl said...

PERFECT post!!

lovefrost said...

Does Bobby drive a black lifted truck that says monavi at the bottom? My boyfriend and I are at the tapatio golf course. Hope your day is going fabulous :)

Veronika said...

Yes, Ma'am! =) That's crazy! Wait...were you the adorable girl on the green yesterday in jeans, being your man's I do? =) We totally saw you guys & B said..."Oh look...he has a flag girl/caddy too?" =) LOL. How funny is that! =) But yes...we live on the ridge & were just coming home from lunch! =) Too funny! Have a great day, Sweetheart! XO

& RL...thank you, Honey! Our prayers were answered! =) YEEEAAAYYY! Even if only...just for a minute! =) Some is SO MUCH BETTER than none! =) Have a great day as well!