Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Treasure Has Arrived!

Hi Beauties!

Sure hope all of you are wonderful & are enjoying this gorgeous day! Wherever you are in the world...I hope it's just as beautiful. 

So...I am very happy to share some oh so fun news!

I teamed up with the wonderful Leeann at Join The Gossip, & all her Dolls...for her "Favorite Things Swap", treasure chest of love is finally here! 

Chosen randomly...I got paired up with the oh so sweet, Emilie D. from here & here

And look what she gave me!!!

Goodies, Goodies...and more Goodies! 

EVERY SINGLE THING was wrapped in love & came straight from her heart. From the beautiful Philippines, and as proud of her culture as I am of is such a special treat to get to share her heart...and her home. Not too familiar with the culture & is almost like going on a little journey...far across the world. 

From her favorite teas, the candy of her customs, the oh so yummy dried mangoes (that I already opened, of course), perfume that she loves, the sweetest handwritten card (my very favorite kind), and THE MOST AMAZING clutch I've ever seen! I am IN LOVE with it & can't WAIT to use it! Isn't it AMAZING??? Oh so chic & 100% my style! She'll be opening up an ETSY shop soon, where she will be selling them, so I'll be sure to find out all the details for you guys. 

I am in love with every single thing! The amount of detail & love...poured into every little more than appreciated

Thank you, with every beat of my heart, Emilie! I look forward to our new journey as friends! Whenever I look at my goodies, I will think of you, and the beautiful heart that you possess. And as soon as I use/wear my new purse...I'll be sure to post a picture! LOVE it so much! 

And Thank YOU, Leeann...for such a wonderful swap & for allowing all of us to make new friends & to share our worlds...and our hearts. You are loved & appreciated! 

I can't wait to join many more of these things! Snail Mail is one of my life's greatest treasures & Snail "Packages"...well that just takes the cake! Makes my whole heart smile! Sure hope Emilie loves my package...just as much! 

A Happy, Grateful Girl.


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

How fun! Looks like she sent you a bunch of fun items :)

Glad you had a great partner!

Thanks again for signing up for the swap!!

Veronika said...

Of course. Thank YOU for hosting it! =) It WAS a lot of fun & I love all my goodies! But the best part is always meeting new friends. So grateful. Thanks again! Have a beautiful day! Oh & when you can...can you, pretty please email me your address again? I deleted it (getting rid of junk emails WAY TOO FAST & being extreme OCD...clicking "empty trash" even faster!) =) SO sorry about that. Gotta get your prize out though...asap! =) Thanks again, Honey! Have a great rest of the day! XO

Lena @ Mom2MemphisAndRuby said...

Very cool!
Looks like you got some great stuff!
I'm a new follower, found you through the swap link up! :)

Leanna Vera said...

What a fun package! She definitely wins points for the presentation of this one...the box and the wrapping paper is great!

KDC Events said...

It was a fun swap to participate in! I am glad I did! Looks like you got some neat stuff!