Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"Indian Summer" Giveaway!

Hey Dolls!
With summer here & the trends of fringe, gorg turquoise & bold statement pieces…in full force…
I thought this would be a fun/different Giveaway!
I've always loved anything BOHO looking, Indian inspired...
 & I hope that all of you love it as much as I do!
Here's to you Beauties…and an "Indian Summer" to remember!

Here's How to Enter! 

First & Foremost...
You must be a Follower of my Blog & not just a reader. He He. You have to click "Join This Site" & become an addition to the beautiful, smiling faces...on the left side of my blog! I know a lot of you are unsure as to why you have to "join this site" aka "follow", instead of just reading, but in the blogging world...the only way we gain creditability is by how many "documented" readers/followers we have. Hope that makes sense. Don't worry though...you won't be bombarded with emails/notifications, etc. In fact...you won't even receive one! So even if you're a guy & want to win any of my giveaways for a special someone in your life...you are more than welcome as well! 

The above & 6 below are a must to be eligible & the additional 3 are extra! 


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 *Blog about this Giveaway- 2 extra entries
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 *Facebook this Giveaway- 1 extra entry
Giveaway will close on Friday, August. 10th 2012 at Midnight...Texas Time!


Lovin' My Sexy Little Indians,

Sunday, July 29, 2012

If You Judge Books By Their Covers...

"I'm sick of people being shallow, & picking on other people for the things they can't change about themselves.
"She's too tall."
- It's not like she can control her height?
"He has a big nose."
- What is he supposed to do about it? Get plastic surgery?
"She has a weird looking face."
- Is that really her fault?
"She's really flat chested."
- That's genetic. She didn't choose to be.
"He has crooked teeth."
- Not everyone can afford braces.
"Her hair is too frizzy."
- She didn't choose her hair, & not everyone has the time to flat iron their hair every morning.
"His eyes are creepy looking."
- He didn't choose the shape of his eyes.
"She's fat."
- So, it's not her fault? Everyone has a different weight limit to them. If you're tall; like me, then you should weigh more. If you're short, then you should weigh less. Everyone is beautiful in their own way!!!!♥
"He's gay."
- Who cares? If they're bi, their bi. If they're gay, their gay. We're all human beings. Let people be themselves. They can choose to be with anyone, don't stop them.

You know what? People can't choose their family & how much money they grow up with, their facial structure, their body type or many other things. Don't pick on them for that. If you're you're going to dislike someone, dislike them for their personality & actions, not how they look or where they come from. Life isn't a video game. You can't just choose what you look like, how tall or short you are, your weight? I'm just saying'."


"Be the rainbow in someone else's storm." -Maya Angelou
Be kind. Love one another & always remember…
What if that person…was you?


Happy Sunday, Sweethearts.
Due to another insane migraine…I will resume with the official "Sunday Sweethearts" next week!
And…if I feel well enough tonight…I'll post my "Indian Summer" Giveaway!
I'm working on that now.
Thank you for your patience, love & support!
You guys ROCK!!! 
Hope you're enjoying this beautiful day! 

Live in Light & in Love,

Friday, July 27, 2012

"Friday Favorites"!

Happy "Friday Favorites", Beautiful Dolls & Guys!

I'm so excited to have you here with me & read all about your favorites!
If you missed my first post, explaining all about it...you can read it here.

"Friday Favorites" is day where you post all the things you're loving each week, such as...

Here are mine this week…

1. Favorite New Sunglasses!

"OAKLEY Daisy Chain Women's Lifestyle Designer Sunglasses . Rose Gold/VR50 Brown Gradient"

I absolutely adore them & since I'm loving Rose Gold right now…I can't get enough!
They were sold out everywhere, so I got mine on Amazon.
Here's the direct link…if you're interested, of course. 

2. Favorite New Luxury…Silk Pillowcases! 

I read all abut these & not only how AMAZINGLY soft they are, but the beauty benefits as well! They work wonders for preventing wrinkles & create absolutely no…"sleep lines"! You will be amazed! B & I both adore them & we will probably never go back to regular ones. Each to care for too. Just wash separately (we wash ours together, of course), on delicate cycle & hang dry & you're good to go. I just use short/skirt hangers & they dry perfectly. There are many places to get them & we have 2 different sets, but the first set we got…just to see if they were worth all the hype, was again from Amazon. I tried to get you guys the exact link, but that particular seller is no longer available, so just search away! There are tons. Just make sure they're 100% silk & not satin. Makes a huge difference. Silk is a thousand times more breathable & way better for your skin! 
The true definition of "Beauty Sleep"

 3. Favorite New Clutches!

Ok seriously…
How AMAZINGLY, ABSOLUTELY Gorgeous are these bags!!!
I just adore….EVERYTHING about them…
1. Where they came from- THE BIGGEST SWEETHEART of an "oh so amazing" Designer, named Denise. She owns a shop on ETSY called "idinternosciadesign", and creates all different colorsstyles, etc. She's an absolute Doll & such a pleasure to do business with! 
2. Her customer service is impeccable & her work /craftmanship…is as perfect as it gets! They are perfectly sewn…complete with adorable lining, with pockets & all! And 100% leather, of course.
3. Very affordable & will get you compliments galore! 
As you can tell…I just love them! LOL! 
If you want to know more & check out all her goods…click here.
Tell her I sent you & she'll be extra happy! 
Now that I look at her store again…I think I just might need the purple & orange ones as well! He He! 

4. Favorite Night-Time Lip Therapy

Ok, so you're probably thinking…"What's so special about  lip stuff?", but let me just tell you…after reading the top beauty reviews on yes…Amazon (I think I have a problem)…people swore up & down by this stuff. I wear chap stick all day long, & at night before I go to sleep…but for some reason…I still always had dry, chapped lips…more often than I thought I should. So…I splurged the $9 bucks or so & let me just tell you…SWEAR TO G…no more chapped lips!!! Now I don't know if it's just me, time of year, etc….but all I know for sure…is this little sucker is workin' like a charm! No dryness…at all! I wear it every night, religiously…& by the looks of the open one…you can see the proof! 
Hum. Lovin' it!
Click here to get your smooth on! 

5. Favorite New Palette

It's HERE, Girls!
Stunning, right?
This is the one I was telling you about & the one I ordered 2 of.
1 for me & yes…1 for one of you! Yeay!
This will most def be included in my "Urban Decay" Giveaway…coming soon!
Two more are coming before it & next one will be posted, wait for it…TOMORROW! 
The majority of you voted on "Sun Kissed Doll", but since I'm still waiting on one more item to arrive…I figured you wouldn't mind if I did "Indian Summer" first! True? 
Stay tuned, Love Bugs!

6. Favorite New Shoes

I know. I know. A little CRAY CRAY, but that's how I roll! 
I love me some unique stuff & girls…these are about as unique as it gets!
Now before you think I've lost it…don't worry…I won't be pairing these with a sequin shirt or anything Richard Simmon's-ish (love him though)…I'm thinking more like a plain black short dress... 
Vegas style, Baby! You dig? 
Courtesy of a site I would marry if I could…HAUTELOOK
If you still haven't checked it out…you must!
Best deals you'll ever find. Designer & all!
Click here to check out the goods.
New deals/sales/products…every single day!
*WARNING…You JUST MIGHT get addicted!* 

7. My VERY FAVORITE treats/indulgences…of all time! 

Brought to me with so much love, from the man who knows the way straight to my heart…my B!
If I had to choose 2 sweets to eat…for the rest of my life…these would be it!
Apple is the "Cheesecake Apple"! 
I'm about to get my grub on now!

Thank you to all of you for reading & an extra special Thank You, in advanced...for all of you who link-up with me! Such a fun way to share, support each other, and meet new friends!

Please grab the button code from my sidebar, insert it into your post, and then join the link-up below! Can't wait to see your favorites!
Love & Hugs...always & Happy Friday!

A Happy, Grateful Girl,

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Having Trouble Sleeping?

Simply Being - Guided Meditation for Relaxation and Presence

By Meditation Oasis


Ok Beauties...
This post is something I've been wanting to share with you for a while now, but was brought to light last night, by a comment my beautiful "K" wrote to me on my "Let It Go" post. (You can read it here if you missed it, & if you're interested, of course).

"You might be a bit of a psychic my friend... Just last night I was tossing and turning in bed over a wrong that some insignificant person dealt me. I had a glass of wine just to try and fall asleep to let it go. This blog is such spectacular timing, its a bit scary! Love you to pieces!!!!! K"

I would bet money that we've all had our sleepless nights, & I would also bet money that we'd all agree…nothing sucks more! LOL! Whether you're up thinking about a big decision ahead, a way to confront someone about something that's been bothering you, a huge argument you had with your man/woman, or something as simple as what you're gonna wear tomorrow (yes…I've had those nights. Don't judge), etc. THINKING SUCKS! Especially when…for the love of God…all you wanna do is sleep! Even more annoying…is when the person you're sleeping next to is out in 5 seconds flat, already snoring & drooling all over themselves, and there you sit. And even worse…when the reason you're awake is because of THEM! Really??? F ME! (Love you, Boo!) LMAO! And I will not sleep on the couch & give up my beauty sleep! No sleep + stiff neck/back =even more pissed! Ha Ha! 

So…without further adieu…I introduce to you…my savior! 

If you have an IPhone or IPad…you need this app! 
I have it on my phone & IPad & keep both right next to my bed…for all kinds of emergencies!
Also a must…headphones.

Plug those suckers in, click on this pink little face & off to dreamland you go! 
I kid you not…you will be OUT!
It'll shut off on it's own & you'll wake up, without even knowing how long it took you to fall asleep!

I always set mine for 20 min & use "voice & music".
And the cherry on top…get ready…it's $0.99!

Insomniacs…who do you love?
Imma pray this works for you too! 


If you want all the details…here you go!


RECOMMENDED BY THE NY TIMES, SELF MAGAZINE, YOGA JOURNAL and more. Meditate easily with this elegantly simple App. Enjoy the deep relaxation, stress relief and benefits of meditation without prior experience. The Meditation Oasis® Simply Being app has been developed by Richard and Mary Maddux, creators of the popular Meditation Oasis® podcast. It allows you to choose from 4 meditation times and gives you to option to listen with or without music or nature sounds. 

"Let the voice-guided Simply Being app talk you through a relaxing 5- to 20-minute meditation session. 'Other apps offer pretty nature sounds but no instruction, which left me bored,' a tester said. 'With the voice guidance, five minutes of meditation flew by.'" Self Magazine, April 2011

"Very relaxing and a good way to fall asleep.""...the best guided meditation I have ever found.""Extremely soothing music...""My stress level has dropped, I have more patience, and I am more relaxed before going to bed." With this App you can:- Meditate easily as you are voice-guided step by step- Choose a meditation length of 5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes - Listen to the meditation with or without music/nature sounds- Read instructions to support and enhance your meditation- Relax deeply and experience the present moment completely- Enjoy the benefits of meditation easily- Links to support on the Meditation Oasis websiteThe Simply Being meditation is useful for beginners and experienced meditators alike.

Customer Reviews

Would pay more! 

I used this app for the first time last night, and this morning I am almost in tears over how well it worked, especially given my level of skepticism. Like some of the other reviewers, I have suffered from insomnia all my life, and have learned to with it. My plan was to listen to this app for the 20 minutes, then switch to an ambient noise app I have. Well, I don't even remember removing my earphones, but when I woke up my IPad and earbuds were lying on the bed next to me! I woke up feeling refreshed and ready for the day, not groggy and feeling like I wanted to stay in bed like usual. Thank you so much guys, this app will definintely get recommended to friends!
Great for bedtime! 

This app is awesome. I listen to it before bed. Clears my mind and knock me out for sound sleep. Definitely recommend it
The best! 

I've been trying to meditate on and off for years. This has finally got me feeling like I've done it. Mary has the perfect pacing and tone for me. I particularly like how she doesn't proscribe a visual or even a breath....so I don't get that feeling of, "oh shoot. I'm out of sync".Also the benefit of meditation has been a great relief of anxiety. thanks.

Hope it helps you as much as it's helped me!
Love You…Mean It!

Oh & don't forget to link-up with me on Friday for "Friday Favorites"!
Would love to have you & see all your favorites!

Wishing You The Sweetest Dreams You've Ever Had,