Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Favorites

Happy "Friday Favorites", Beautiful Guys & Dolls! 

I'm so excited to have you here with me & read all about your favorites!
If you missed my first post, explaining all about can read it here.

"Friday Favorites" is day where you post all the things you're loving each week, such as...

My favorites this week are all dedicated to Birthday Love.

1. THE SWEETEST "Fairytale" Birthday Tribute from one of my favorite Dolls on earth...
Heather from Big City Belle.

You have got to see this!
Cutest, Sweetest, Beautiful, Most Creative thing...EVER! 
You can read it here.

This it what I replied to it...

"OH MY TEARS, Beautiful Belle! =) I am DYING!!! This is THE MOST special & YOU....THE MOST ALL the land! To say that I love you is an understatement & to say I'm so happy we're the very same. From my PERFECT "box of love" that I just opened & you KNOW I adore (EVERY little detail...heaven) this most beautiful, touching tribute...I REALLY DO feel like a Princess & I appreciate you SO SO much! I have to run out the door now, for my birthday "surprise", but I took pictures of everything & will post all about it...when I get home! =) Again...from the VERY BOTTOM OF MY HEART...I love you...and I thank you. Have a beautiful day, my FAVORITE Belle. XO"

This is how you KNOW it is AMAZING!!!
♥ you so so much & I shared this with B & my Parents & of course...they all loved it!
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I will print this out & cherish it...always.

2. My Own Private Birthday Website, created with love from my Beautiful Bestest in Colorado, Tammi! 

"A place where wishes are wished & tears are created."

But...I gotta be honest...I loved every second of it! 

If any of you wish to leave a message...I will be saving this...forever. 

Tam...this is one of the sweetest, most thoughtful, had no idea it even existed, tug at my heartstrings...perfect in every way...lifetime gifts. I can't express how much this means to me & how much YOU mean to me! I love you with every beat of my heart, and I thank you...for one of the greatest gifts...I've ever received. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

3. "Boxes of Love"

From my beautiful Sister, to beautiful Heather...I felt oh so loved! Everything, in every way...was perfectly me, and I couldn't love all my goodies, or my girls...more! 

From my Sister...with Love.
The bag's a little smashed because it was a box.
The most beautiful card, a YUM-ME smelling candle, an adorable black shirt, the cutest note pads for my craft room table, & some candy! She's the best & I love her so so much, and...I love everything she got me! Thank you so much, Sissy! XO

And from Heather...with Love.
First of have to notice the little ducky & candy stickers!!! So me & So VKKD!
 Absolutely Adorable!

Look at this oh so cute teal bow she made! So cute! Love the entire packaging!

The sweetest, cutest card., fun, & more fun!

The most adorable ducky soap! Love it!

She even wrapped a little candle like candy! Too cute! 

And this to die Betsy Johnson make up bag! Full of sparkles, teal leopard, and the most amazing goodies from Lush. LOVE me some lush! And the cutest gold, full of glitter soap, that she said her little Angel Avery picked out for me! How insanely sweet is that! I haven't met her yet, but am so looking forward to it! So so cute! So...if you're reading Avery...thank you...from the bottom of my heart! I love love love it! 

And last, but not least...the cutest Hello Kitty Blotting Papers & the yummiest, prettiest, glitter adorned (do these girls know me or what?), Hawaii soap...especially for our Anniversary trip! How thoughtful & sweet is that? And...I will definitely take it with me! Can't wait! 

4. Flowers on my doorstep from my Family. (Papa, Mama, Sissy & Brother.)

So beautiful & sent with so much love. 

To say that I love you the biggest understateent of all time. 
You are my entire world & I love you with all the heart could possibly possess. 
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

 5. Facebook Love

Birthday Tribute to me...on my page. He He.
"I truly am in shock. I don't think I've ever received so much love...from so many one time...ever. To each & every one of you, who took time out of your make mine...there absolutely are no words. I truly appreciate it & I love you...all. You sure know how to make a girl feel good! I am honored & humbled to know you & to love you. Thank you...with EVERY BEAT OF MY ♥. Wishing you a day, and a beautiful as the hearts where these wishes were made. You deserve EVERY second of goodness...always. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. XO"

6. Love from my B

An entire spa day...complete with lunch (grilled ham & cheese w/ tomato soup...YUM-ME) & a card from the entire staff! Talk about the Royal Treatment! SUCH a heavenly gift. A true dream, really.

And then my favorite "material" of all time...EVER!!! Feels like your cuddled with a cloud! A new blanket & pink robe! LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.

Follwed by some LV love, dinner at BJ's (craving so bad!), and ending with a rainy, cozy night...watching Law Abidng Citizen! FANTASTIC movie! PERFECT for date nights! Guys will love it &'ll be in full suspense, at the enge of your seat...the entire time! Action packed...brilliance! We loved it!

Such a perfect every way! Thank you, to each & every one of you for contributing to make it even more special. And Leeann...thank you so so much for your "tweet" as well! So So sweet!

This day... one I will cherish...forever.

It really, truly was.

And it's all becasue of all of you!
From the very bottom of my heart...I love you & I thank you.

Thank you to all of you for reading & an extra special Thank You, in advanced...for all of you who link-up with me! Such a fun way to share, support each other, and meet new friends!

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Love & Hugs...always & Happy Friday!

A Happy, Grateful Girl,


Tammi said...

Oh HELL no!! I know the Spa didn't spell your name wrong. Tsk tsk...they must not know you at all, lol. <3

Kori Donahue said...

OMG....I am soooo sorry V! I totally missed your birthday honey!!!! I am horrible...I haven't been reading blogs on on the Internet much this week and I can't believe I missed it...I am so so so sorry!!!!!! Kori xoxo

Heather said...

Hooray! It looks like a you had a very special day! A spa day!!! Awesome! I am so happy you loved your gifts. We had a great time picking things out for you! I will definitely let Avery read this post! She will be soooo happy! Have a great weekend! XO

Veronika said...

Tammi...LMAO! SERIOUSLY!!! I almost didn't post it because of that, but only WE would notice! =) LOVE my name on things, but HATE when they spell it wrong! =) I love you! XO

Kori...You already know how I feel about this. =) NO WORRIES AT ALL!!! Life happens & we are ALL...WAY TOO BUSY! =) Love you & means the world that you care that much! =) XO

Heather...I do...I do! =) SO SO much! You are the sweetest & I love & appreciate you SO much more than words! I ran out a long time ago! =) But...a "proper" thank you is on it's way , & please give that lil' Angel of yours a HUGE hug for me! =) In fact...give each other one for me! I want you to have one too! =) I can't WAIT to hug you & meet Avery! =) Thank you again...with ALL of my heart. YOU are one of my life's GREATEST gifts! Sweet Dreams, Honey. XO