Sunday, September 25, 2011

Welcome, Fall.

The old earth is changing;
The seasons turn round.
The autumn leaves flutter
Their way to the ground.

My own world is changing;
The seasons conspire
To grant me the peace
Of a rest by the fire.

-Melissa Pinol

It's officially here!
One of my most favorite times of year!

Enjoy this beautiful Sunday.
Hope you're surrounded by everything & love most!

Love & Hugs...always,


Jessica said...

Hey Veronika...Looks like we are Fall Blog Swap partners! i sent you an email, i think on Friday...if you didn't get it maybe I put the email address in wrong! Let me know and I'll re-send it!
My email is

Thanks :)
Look forward to hearing from you!

Mary and Dyer said...

amazing pictures!! I love Fall too - the best time of the year!! xox

I just became your newest follower! I would love for you to check out my blog & follow back if you'd like!


Veronika said...

Hi Kat! You are the cutest thing ever & what a fun surprise to have you be my newest follower! =) Totally made my day! =) I will visit your blog now & return the love! =) Thank you so so much! Looking forward to being friends! =) Have a beautiful night, Sweetheart! XO

Veronika said...

Hi Jessica! Yes...I am SO excited about being partners! I e-mailed you back today, before you sent this. Sure hope you got it! =) If not...I'll re-send it! =) Just let me know! I'm also following you now too! =) SO looking forward to our swap & getting to know you better! =) Thank you, and again...please let me know! Wanna make sure you get it! =) Have a great night, Sweetheart! XO

Jessica said...

Hey Veronika! I didn't get an email from you =\ Not sure what happened with that- try it again and if it doesn't work I'll give you a different email address!
thanks!! I'm excited too :))

Veronika said...

Hi Sweet Jessica. That is SO SO weird! Just sent it again. Here's the email I have. If you don't get it THIS time, yeah...maybe it's time for plan B! =) Please let me know! Thanks, Honey! =) XO

Jessica said...

Weird. my email is @gmail not @ymail... wonder why its coming up as @ymail!
you can send it to
Sorry this is so much more complicated than it should be!!

Veronika said...

Really? SO weird. No worries at all though, Honey. Life happens. =) I just sent it to this email. FINGERS CROSSED! =) XO