Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"Fall In Love"...GUCCI's 2011 Fall Collection.

Hey Beauties!
It's that time again!
Time to link up with the beautiful Heather from Big City Belle , for her oh so fab..."Fall In Love" Tuesdays! 
Today my post is dedicated to one of my very favorite parts of fall...Fashion. From the boots, to the firs (faux, of course), to the tights & knee high socks, leathers, all the warm colors (browns, burgundy, deep blues/purples, emerald greens, golds)...I love it all & I always look forward to rockin' these looks! The best inspiration...magazine ads. Here's the latest GUCCI collection. Use your own pieces to re-create all these looks. Because after all...it's really not the brand that makes the looks...it's the model & the look itself. So...get your model on! You can look just as chic...for a fraction of the cost! Happy Dress-Up, Dolls! 

Please be sure to stop by & show Heather some love (she's the BEST & you will LOVE her! ), & if you're just visiting here...stay a while & I'll return the favor!

I love & appreciate you all!

Have a day as beautiful as you!

Also...I'd LOVE for you to join me on Friday for my "Friday Favorites" Link-Up! A day where you share all your favorites you're loving each week. You can read all about it here!

Hope to see you there! 
Thank you, Sweethearts!
Love & Hugs to all of you! 

Lovin' me some fashion & my favorite little Belle,


natalie b said...

Love those looks!!! Tried to fbook message you, did you receive the messages? Also, on your wall...Hope your doing well...

Mae said...

this post made my heart skip a beat! loving the gray, but really it's all quite stunning!

Heather said...

Yes, let the real dressing begin! I love that! This post is not fooling around. Those are some gorgeous looks! I can see you in any of those! Thank you so much for linking-up today! I sent you a tweet of a "Fall Blog Swap" that we need do! I signed up tonight. I have never even heard of this but, it is a fall gift exchange. Check it out! Hope you are having a good week! Everything going okay? Love you bunches!!! XOXO

Veronika said...

Natalie...me too, Sweetheart...me too! =) And yes...got your love & you are oh so welcome. Just been way too busy, but I'll write you back tonight! Thanks for checking on me. Means the world. =) Sure hope you're just as wonderful! Love you! XO

Mae..."me too, Sweetheart...me too!" =) Thanks so much for stopping by & for sharing your love. Tomorrow is "Friday Favorites" again, so if you have any...I'd LOVE for you to join me & share! =) Have a great night! XO

Veronika said...

Heather...SO sorry to be MIA for a while, but just been busy, busy, busy! =) And I don't even work 12 hour shifts in the ER! What's MY deal! =) These looks...TO DIE, right? =) I knew you'd appreciate them too! =) Thanks, Honey! And the swap...couldn't be more excited & I REALLY DO think we should make our own. Maybe Kori would want to join us too! How fun would that be? =) Hope you are having a great week as well & I WILL be having "Friday Favorites" tomorrow, so if you have a minute & some favorites...I'll be here! =) If not this time...I'm not going anywhere! =) Have a beautiful night, Sweetheart & I'll talk to you soon! Love you to heaven! XO