Inside My Heart

Wifey to my best friend. Momma to 2 little love bugs (kitty’s…for now). Daughter to the greatest parents on earth. Sister to my Sunshine & my Soulmate. Sucker for love & affection. Loves to play with glitter & glue. Cries easily but laughs even easier. Enjoys inspiring & doing things others don’t expect. Loves to travel & explore. Is more grateful than words could ever express. Ignores the fact that cupcakes aren't good for you. Seeks to encourage others. Adores laughter, a clean home, Bath & Bodyworks candles, the smell of fresh laundry, my beautiful B, being married & madly in love!

My name is Veronika.
My family is my LIFE.
I fight for what I believe in.
I never knew the meaning of a Soul Mate until I met Bobby.
I am loyal, sometimes to a fault.
I am madly in love.
I choose not to use drugs & I very rarely drink.
I'm not a mean girl, but I can hold my own.
I crave passion.
I love with all my heart.
If you are good to me, I will ALWAYS be the best to you.
I wanted to be a mermaid when I grew up.
I LIVE to Laugh & to Love.
I NEVER go along with ANYTHING I don't believe in.
I admire Leaders.
I am Russian/Armenian & Scottish/Irish.
I want to heal the world.
My middle name is Elaine.
I wear black a lot & love to dress up.
I have a tiny star tattoo, on the top of my right foot.
My favorite foods are anything Italian & any type of Fruit.
I dream of a peaceful world.
I have always loved Patriotic Songs.
I drink A LOT of water.
I worry about everyone.
Seeing an old Man/Woman, waiting for a bus, has made me cry. I wonder,
"Where are they going? Is someone waiting for them? Are they lonely?
Hospitals make me crazy.
My worst phobia, in this entire world is vomit.
Singing church songs, around a campfire, was something I loved.
I love anything acoustic. So raw & passionate.
I have always wanted to catch fireflies in a jar, just to watch them glow, then release them.
I wish upon stars.
I believe in the good in people, even when it is not visible.
I am comforted by the sound of my Mama's voice.
I admire & celebrate uniqueness.
I love the ocean.
I am happy being me.
I treat everyone equally.
I love holidays & giving cards & gifts.
I can't handle negative energy.
I am different than you think.
I strive to learn & grow daily.
I try to spread Sunshine every day.
I never share secrets or make promises I can't keep.
My word is my bond.
I will be there WHENEVER, WHEREVER, for WHATEVER for the people I love.
1 of my favorite movies of all time is The Ultimate Gift.
My Parents are the wisest people I know.
I am inspired by people who laugh in the face of adversity.
I am attracted to a person's smile, eyes and soul.
I believe kindness is the most beautiful trait one can possess.
I am more spiritual than religious. A lot of the most religious people I know are so judgmental.
I keep it real & I love others that do as well.
My Brother makes me Proud.
I cry easily, when others are hurting, and when something touches my soul.
I love the sound of genuine laughter.
I am a COMPLETE neat freak & I take A LOT of showers.
I would love to meet The Dahli Lama & Gandhi.
I am open to new ideas.
I am driven.
I have absolutely no tolerance for cheaters or cruelty.
Overhearing people say "I Love You" makes me smile.
Seeing elderly couples walking hand in hand, makes me melt.
The thought of anyone I love leaving me, scares me to death.
I am a dreamer.
The glass is always half full.
I love Christmas & 4th of July.
I love…Scary movies & Thunderstorms. Fireplaces & Candles. Warm summer nights & the sound of crickets. Bubble Baths & Massages. Hugs & Kisses. Chocolate Dipped Strawberries & Cheesecake. Cuddling & Blankets. The scent of the man I love. Strong Hands & Warm Hearts. My family & TRUE friends. Bobby. Dolce & Gabbana (My Kittys). Crowns. Chandeliers. WONKA candy. Basketball. Horseback Riding. Reading. Singing & Dancing. Comedy Clubs. Fresh air. Pot Stickers & Pizza. The sun on my face. Animals. Trips/Travel. Heart-to-heart talks. Being in love. Fashion & Being Creative. Lingerie. MAC Make-up. Eternity Perfume. Being told I can't do something. Listening to my Dad tell stories & watching him laugh so hard he cries. My Mom's kind eyes. My Brother's Laugh & Smile. Babies & Kids. Giving. Volunteering. Sunsets. Being called Deep. Helping anyone in need. Doing more than most people expect. Seeing my name on things. Jelly without "chunks". Going above & beyond. Italy. Quotes. Flowers. The name Sunshine. Watching/Listening to ANYONE perform their gift. Hearing a "surprise" on the radio. Regular mail. Being the person someone calls in need. Being depended on.
Speaking of Regular Mail...If you want to send me any...I'd LOVE it!

Veronika Ohanian-Welt
21019 US Highway 281 N Ste. 830-62
San AntonioTx. 78258

I've been wanting to start one for a while now, so I was excited to finally take the time to sit down & make one. Here's what I've come up with so far. 
AI accomplish them...I will check each one off! 

My Bucket List

Sign up for singing lessons
Learn to play guitar (acoustic)
Travel to Australia
Retire Papa & Mama 100%
Hold a baby monkey
Go to NY in the winter & go on a carriage ride & ice skate in Rockefeller Center
Go on two family cruises. Ohanian's & Welt's
Go to an "authentic" luau & wear a flower in my hair
Go on an African Safari
Surprise Papa with his fence & 2 doggies
Double SHARP's income. (The more money we make...the more lives we are able to change)
Go to The Kentucky Derby & wear a fabulous hat.
Be on The Secret Millionaire
Go on a couples trip one day, like on Couples Retreat.
Be limber enough to do the splits again.
Start doing Yoga
Travel to Bora Bora/Fiji & stay in a glass bottom hut
Provide an entire Christmas for 3 families every year
Be "bikini ready" all year long
Work hard for awesome abs
Sing for B
Sing for an audience (other than D&G)
Grow my blog to 1,000 followers (the more followers...the more lives I've "hopefully" touched)
Start Making You Tube Videos
Learn Russian/Armenian/Spanish
Start my own weekly "Blog Hop"
Get Married (again) every year on our anniversary the "customs" of wherever we are
3 years (this Nov)-Kauai, Hawaii. Beach Wedding.
4 years
5 years

To be continued...

That's all I have so far, but I'm sure I'll come up with more as times goes on!
I would LOVE to hear what's on your Bucket List!
If only just your most important "to-do's".

 Love & Gratitude from the Lovely


Love & Gratitude from the beautiful Heather 


Love & Gratitude from the beautiful Krystal


Jennette said...

I believe that you are one of the most amazing, one of a kind, blessed and giving people I have ever met. You do have wings, they do not need to be tied on, because all angels have God given wings!

Veronika said...

My beautiful J...I have NO IDEA why I just saw this, but let me just tell's one of the most beautiful I've ever read. Thank you...with EVERY beat of my heart. Takes one to know one though! =) All my love to you, Sweetheart! XO