Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"Fall In Love"...Cozy In Love.

Hey Beauties!
It's that time again!
Time to link up with the beautiful Heather from Big City Belle , for her oh so fab..."Fall In Love" Tuesdays! 
Today my post is dedicated to one of my very favorite parts of fall...being cozy! 
There's nothing better than wearing cozy socks, warm apple cider in your hands, all cuddled up in your favorite blanket, fire blazing, and the best part...all wrapped up in the arms of the one you love. All of those things = absolute heaven! Here's to you...and being "cozy"...with everything & everyone you love most! 

Please be sure to stop by & show Heather some love (she's the BEST & you will LOVE her! ), & if you're just visiting here...stay a while & I'll return the favor!

I love & appreciate you all!

Have a day as beautiful as you!

Also...I'd LOVE for you to join me on Friday for my "Friday Favorites" Link-Up! A day where you share all your favorites you're loving each week. You can read all about it here!

Hope to see you there! 
Thank you, Sweethearts!
Love & Hugs to all of you! 

Lovin' being cozy & my favorite little Belle,


Melissa said...

Love your blog! I agree about all things cozy, doesn't get much better than that! :)
I am your newest follower :) Have a wonderful day!

Veronika said...

Awww....YEEEAAAYYY!!! =) Thank you, Melissa! For...everything! =) I'll return the favor right now & I agree 100%! =) SO fun! Just made my day! =) He He. Also...if you haven't already, and are "free" on Friday...I'd LOVE for you to link up with me for my "Friday Favorites"! I just love reading about/seeing...everyone's favorites every week! =) Thank you again, Sweetheart & have the same kind of day! SO happy to have you here! XO

Mae said...

Uggs, sweaters with long sleeves and a cup of cocoa! love it! such a cute idea...cozy for fall! that's for sure one of my favorite parts of the season

Veronika said...

Awww...thank you, Mae. =) Thanks for stopping by & of course...showing some love! =) SO crazy how Heather & I had the same idea today & so happy you love it too! =) Have a great day, Sweetheart! XO

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Everything is SO right about this post. I love every.single.picture.

So excited for fall :)

Veronika said...

Thank you, Leeann, but don't leave yet! Your surprise "still" awaits... =)

Heather said...

WHAT??? How completely crazy AND COZY! How is that even possible? We even used some of the same words!!! Great friends do think alike! In a way, I am not so surprised. We have SO MANY things in common. I don't even point them all out. It is one of "my" dreams to take singing lessons. Opera. I have always wanted to play acoustic guitar. In the early nineties I HAD a guitar and video lessons. I gave up. Still to this day I want to play guitar or piano. I am spiritual rather than religious, I do not like talking on the phone so much...it really, really just goes on. I am so glad I have you for a friend. We would have been the kind of friends who dressed in the same outfits ON PURPOSE in Junior High! V, I will cozy up with you and our special friendship anytime! HUGS!

Miriam Stella said...

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Casey @ Classic with a Pop said...

Hey there! Between you and Heather with the coziness going on, I just might end up on a chunky sweater today! Except it's still 90 degrees here in FL...bummer. haha Love this post :) my favorite photo is the sweater-over-the-hands holding a coffee mug...my idea of an ideal fall Saturday morning!

Veronika said...

Hi Miriam! Thanks so much for reading & for commenting! =) I just visited your blog & I'm now following you! =) If you could do the same...I would greatly appreciate it! =) Thank you very much! Great blog! LOVE all things fashion! =) Have a beautiful day new Friend! XO

Veronika said...

Hi Casey! =) I know...isn't that SO crazy? =) Not on purpose at all! =) Me too, Sweetheart...me too! =) Gonna go follow you now!=) Have a beautiful day, too...new Friend! XO