Wednesday, June 19, 2013

POSHMARK or Blog Sale?

Ok Gorgeous…I have a question for you?
POSHMARK or Blog Sale?
I have A LOT of brand new, some with tags on still, too good for a yard sale…treasures that I need to get rid of, and…I'm trying to figure out the best way!
Preferably…a stress free & time efficient method…if at all possible.
The biggest challenge I'm coming across is the shipping. I'm way too busy to fuss with all that madness.
So…here are my options…
I've just discovered POSHMARK, which is a site/app, that allows you to post your items, as many photos as you want, no sign up fees, AND they pay for your shipping for you. After your item is sold…their team with notify you via email, with an attached shipping label & you print it out, package up your goods, & drop it off at the post office. But…they take 20% of your money.

On the other hand…I could just post my items on here, receive all the money…but…have to deal with all shipping myself. I actually don't mind going to the post office, since I would have to go there either way, but…how in the world do I figure out shipping fees beforehand, to add to my price? I know about the scales you can get & all that "home shipping stuff", but…another thing I'd have to spend my time figuring out. LOL. 

What would you do?
I'd love to know your input & I'd LOVE to share all of my treasures with all of you!
How would you prefer to shop?
That's the most important question.
If you could let me know your thoughts…I would greatly appreciate it!
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
I can't WAIT to get started! 

And Because I love you so...

I love & appreciate you all! 
Have a beautiful day!

From My Closet…To Yours,

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Thank You For Always Loving Me

Good Morning, My Beauties.
I hope & pray all of you have been wonderful, are happy & healthy...with hearts FULL of love.
I woke up this morning, missing all of you like crazy, & completely expecting a million of you guys to have left me by now, but instead…I have new Followers/Friends! What a wonderful, unbelievable surprise! Thank you…with every beat of my heart. You have no idea how much that means to me! Thank you for sticking by me & knowing that I'd never permanently leave you. EVER.

I often struggle with trying to post every day (I've failed miserably at that task), or just posting when I feel inspired/have something good to share, etc. I could just post often, for the sake of, well…posting often, but then would it be good? I don't want to be one that just fills a page, you know? And…I also don't ever want Blogging to feel like a chore. I want it to always remain fun & free.

So…with that little rant…I just want to sincerely thank all of you for being here, sticking with me, & knowing that another good post is right around the corner! I want to inspire you, share things with you, talk girl talk with you, & just be your Friend/Sister. 

I love you all, with all of my heart, & I thank you for all that you add to my life!
Stay Tuned.
Have a beautiful day, Sweethearts.

❤ ❤ ❤ my Kandy Family!