Saturday, March 10, 2012

And The Winner Is...

Ok Dolls...the moment has finally come!

It's time to announce my

Winner, and...

After putting all of your entries in my festive St. Patty's Day Bucket...


here's what Bobby pulled out...



I couldn't be more excited for you & I thank you, so very much...for being a part of my very special Giveaway! I can't wait to send you all your goodies, & since I already have your address (He. He. Erin won last month too!)...I'll get that out right away! Yeay! How fun! Thank you so so much for being a very special part of the VKKD Family & and Congratulations, again!

To all of you who entered...I love you, and I thank you, and as you all know...I LOVE me some Giveaways, so this is just the beginning! I think I love it as much as the winners, and I'll do many more! I'll be hosting one every 50 new followers. So they next one will be when I reach 150 followers (very soon)! Along with one for Easter as well! Just keep reading & you'll always be notified! Thank you, to each & every one of you, for your endless love, support, & friendship! ALL of you mean the world to me & have made this blogging much better than I ever dreamed it would be! I look forward to many more years of posts & friendship.

Love & Hugs to all you Sweethearts & again...a HUGE Congrats to Erin!

Have a beautiful day, Everyone!

Lovin' me a Giveaway & all my Favorite Kandy Girls,

Friday, March 9, 2012



You can enter this entire!
Happy Friday, Beauties!
 And Remember...

HUGE Hug & Luck to all of you,

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Gorgeous Jess.

There's just something about a pregnant woman's body & of course, glow...that I find to be so so beautiful, so when I saw these upcoming Elle pictures...I just had to share. How gorgeous is this girl? I've always loved her & have always rooted for her! Poor girl has been through so much & always gets criticized. Super skinny...or a little more weight...she is stunning. I wish her every happiness. She deserves it. At least I think she does. Ha Ha. Talking like we're homies & stuff. LOL! YOU GO GIRL! Speaking of girl...that's what she's having. Congratulations to her! 

On the topic of Mommies-to-be...while playing on Hautelook this morning (told ya I was obsessed)...I saw/fell in love with/ordered...these adorable necklaces to have on hand when someone I know & love is expecting! 

How cute, huh? I love them! They're made by Jordann Jewlery, but they are much cheaper right now on Hautelook. Here's my link again, if you wanna join (for free).  And if you missed's my post where I talked about all these amazing online sites & showed you all my treasures! You will die! AMAZE deals & the cutest stuff...ever! 

Have a beautiful night, Everyone & don't more day to enter my St. Patty's!

For the Love of Some Awesome Deals & Gorgeous Mama's Everywhere,

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It's Almost Time...

Hey Beauties!
Just a couple more days until my big winner is announced, so just wanna remind you to enter my St. Patty's Giveaway...if you haven't already, and if you want to...of course! Hope you're having a wonderful week so far & that you feel as loved as you are! Have a beautiful night & again...if you haven't can enter my St. Patty's Giveaway here

The Sweetest of Dreams to you.

All My Love,

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Oh My Mila!

Ok so not only am I obsessed with all things carnival-ish (the bright bold colors, the fun, the carousel horses, the...everything)...could this girl be any more gorgeous! Stunning as always & such a fun spread! Work it girl!

A beautiful face wrinkles & sags with time; but a beautiful heart withstands the ages. And as my Mama says, "Pretty is as pretty does." Be Beautiful. ♥

And...if you're "Feelin' Lucky" & are in the mood for some awesome, free stuff...enter my St. Patty's Giveaway here! Only a few more days! Don't miss out!

Have a perfect day, Beauties!

All My Love,

Monday, March 5, 2012

Hot AND Humble!

Happy Monday, Beauties!
Here's a little inspiration for you!

So...I got this new subscription in the mail & I'm pretty sure it's from my Sister (Thank you SO SO much, Verenia! I LOVE it!), and if you've read any of my know that Marisa Miller has my favorite body...of all time! inspired me to let her know. Not that she doesn't already know she's the shit, but hey...that never gets old right? It's always amazing when someone notices your dedication & sacrifices. So...I told her & to my surprise...she thanked me. Kinda cool when you have a million & one people writing to you! Makes me love her...that much more! YOU ROCK, MM & you inspire me every day! 


Marisa Miller @marisamiller replied to you:

@VeronikaOhanian Thank you! Appreciate the kind words ;-) xoxo
In reply to…
@marisamiller LOVE you on & in Women's Health, M! My favorite beauty, to start off a brand new, AMAZING year! Happy 2012! XO
Put up a picture, where you can see it every day...of your "ideal" & together...let's kick some ass!
You (We) CAN do it & I'm root in' for you! 

And...if you're "Feelin' Lucky" & are in the mood for some awesome, free stuff...enter my St. Patty's Giveaway here!

Have a beautiful day & amazing week! 

Here's to us... & becoming the girls in these ads,