Thursday, April 28, 2011

Are We There Yet?

Hi, Beautiful Dolls! 
Sure hope everyone is wonderful & that your hearts are happy!

Here's our Moving e-cap so far...

After 3 full days of loading & some transportation malfunctions...we are FINALLY going to leave tomorrow morning! YEEAAAYYY!!! 

With the 


we are finally all packed & ready to go! These guys...Gary, Fernando, Alex & Santos...are AMAZING & some of the hardest working guys I've ever seen! Thank you, with ALL of our heats! It would have taken us 10 more years to get out of here without your help! Ha Ha! 

Here's what we fed our crew...

And this...

& they couldn't have been more grateful or more wonderful!

They showed up Monday morning at 8am, and all of us worked until 12:30am, that night (morning)! Long long day/night, but we got it all covered & our driver Gary was on his way! 

With everything including our beds gone...B & I had our own private slumber party in our room! SO SO fun! I live for these moments! 

After a cozy night's sleep...we were up and at it bright & early and ready to take on a new day! 

As this new day comes to and end, with B sound asleep right next to me, and my eyes closing as I type's time for me to call it a day too! Sweet Dreams, Little Angels. 

One day closer to our new "Paradise", 

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