Monday, April 18, 2011

Hippity, Hoppity...

Happy "almost" Easter, my Little Love Bunnies! Since I am in the middle of a huge move, and am unable to put all my adorable Easter decorations out...I thought I feel a little festive & share with you guys two cute Easter Treat ideas. The first picture is a Rice Krispy Treat that my Mama made for us growing up. How cute is she! 

All they are are Rice Krispy Treats, covered with green dyed (food coloring) coconut, made to look like grass, of course & jelly beans added to look like Easter Eggs! SHE IS ADORABLE! Love her so so much! Perfect to add to Easter Platters, filled in clear bags for baskets, etc. 

Here's what you'll need...

Rice Krispies
Butter or Margarine
Green Food Coloring
Jelly Beans

Make sure to prepare the "grass" mixture first & add it on top your treats as soon as you add them to your pan. They still need to be wet so that the grass & jelly beans stick.


Here's another idea I came up with, SO cute to serve to kids, friends, family, yourself...anyone! Ha Ha! Just a cup of Hot Chocolate with a Peep inside & Easter Grass under cup! The Peep I used is a new kind that's dipped in chocolate on the bottom. Makes it last longer & not melt as fast. 

What are some of your favorite Easter Traditions? Let's share. 

No matter what your do on your Holiday... Remember...

I DO! 

Love & Hugs to my Favorite "Peeps",

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