Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Beauty Must Haves

So here’s the deal gorgeous...I’m sure you’ve read a squillion of those ‘must have’ beauty product lists during your time as a fully fleged fashionista. You know, the lists of products you simply can’t live without and will never look quite beautiful / radiant / Brad Pitt-as-your-future-husband-worthy...Ha Ha. I know we all have our "must haves" & since I love reading/seeing other people's...I thought I'd share mine. Here are the things I use every day & those that I swear by!

1. BED HEAD (Hard Head) Hairspray-Big...for my every day & Little...for my purse.
2. Johnson's Baby Lotion- The "original" for every night after shower/bath & the Johnson's "24 hour body care" for day time. It has a sort of shimmer to it, so I love this one on my body for day. These lotions are my favorite because they are gentle on my skin & all my "parts" (Ha Ha) & also not so strongly scented that I can't still wear perfume with them. A lot of lotions have their own scent that when mixed with your perfumes are WAY TOO STRONG!
3. DIAL Body Wash in Spring Water-I am IN LOVE with the scent of anything "clean" & this scent is perfect! Just like my lotions...I don't like to mix body washes that are too "perfume-y", with my actual perfume either, so this one is my absolute favorite! Also very gentle for your parts. As wonderful as girly ones smell....they can be very harsh. Too much perfume=ouch!!! 
4. DOVE (Ultimate Go Fresh) Cool Essentials Deodorant in Cucumber & Green Tea Scent -Favorite smell & function...ever! 
5. Eternity & Cotton Candy Perfumes- No matter how many different perfumes I ALL TIME FAVORITE still is Eternity. Smells the best on me & it's the one I always get compliments on! I PRAY every day they don't ever discontinue it! Its so old, but it's my very favorite! Cotton Candy I love for day time, running errands, hanging out, etc. Very fun & sweet, but not as strong as "Pink Sugar". Just as lasting, but doesn't give me a headache. 
6. Sud Pacifique, Vanilla Extreme Perfume-Smells like HEAVEN & a cake baking in the oven! Ha Ha. LOVE it SO SO much! I get mine through Amazon (kinda hard to find), but perfect for your purse & a mid-day slice of dessert...without any calories! 
7. Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer in SPF 15-What I use every morning under my make-up. Not greasy at all & just the right about of moisture. And of course...gotta have SPF! 
8. Alba.Un-Petroleum Jelly-For as many uses as Vaseline, just the au-natural version! Ha Ha. LOVE this stuff! 
9. Cetaphil-PERFECT for face wash & very gentle on skin, but what I use it for is for shaving. Prevents any/all redness & any razor bumps!
10. Baby Wipes-I am an OCD FREAK (Ha Ha), so I carry Baby Wipes with me EVERYWHERE & use them for EVERYTHING!!! Every car, every purse, every bathroom...I don't know what I would do without these! 
11. Bath Sponges-The only thing that makes me feel clean enough! See...told you & had issues! Ha Ha! I need me A LOT of lather & these are PERFECT!!! 
12. Earth Therapeutics Brush-Or any other type of what I call "dog brushes"! Ha Ha! My favorite by far!
13. Monroe "Teasing.U" Brush-Perfect for my, even though I had it first, Snooki pouf! Ha Ha! Bumpits don't work! Don't worry I tried them! LOL! Nothing works better than some good ol' fashioned teasing & some Bed Head Hairspray! My secret weapons! Remember my slogan..."The higher the hair...the closer to God!" Ha Ha Ha! 
14. Scunci, No Damage(no metals parts) Hair Ties-Don't pull your hair & I love them!
15. Tinkle Eyebrow Razors-Cute colors & help "trim" the unwanted little hairs above your eyebrows. Make them perfect & are easy to use. 
16. Loreal Voluminous Mascara-BY FAR...THE BEST Mascara I have EVER used & have been wearing it for years!!! No smudges, runs, etc. I can swim in it & it still won't run!!! I always wear waterproof, because I am someone who gets touched & cries easily & never wanted to be one of those people who holds back tears, so as not to smear their make-up! Ha Ha! Crying is good for you & it's not hot to hold back your true self! LOL! Besides...(one of my very favorite quotes), "The soul has no rainbow...if the eyes have no tears." -Indian Proverb. So...put on your waterproof armor & cry your heart out! Also...don't know if it's just me, but I tried CARBON BLACK & for some reason that one made under eye smudges. Not the "regular" black though. Strange. Not sure why. 
17. Duo Eyelash Glue & Sassi Lashes in #601-Best combo & on very favorite lashes! Plenty of drama, but without looking like Snuffleupagus!!! LOL!
18. Venus (Gillette) Sensitive Sensible Disposable Razors-I change out my razors once a week, so these are cheap enough, effective enough & give you a perfectly safe shave!
19. Body Benefits Exfoliating Face Sponge-What I use every day/night, along with Cetaphil's Antibacterial Gentle Cleansing Bar (pictured below) to wash my face. ONLY product/cleanser I use on my face & I couldn't love it more! It provides perfectly clean & clear skin!
20. Q-Tips on the go-Cute, Travel Q-Tips that I keep in my make-up bags for any needed touch ups!
21. Vaseline-See post on "22 uses for Vaseline". SO many great uses! 
22. Nivea-A Kiss of Smoothness, Hydrating Lip Care (SPF4)-Works great & doesn't taste yucky like some other lip balms do. I know, I know...I'm not supposed to eat it, but you know what I mean! Can't help but lick it sometimes! Ha Ha! 
 23. Kleenex-Purse size for that crying stuff again! LOL! 
24. Close-Up Toothpaste-Cheapest toothpaste on the market & my very very favorite! Have no idea why, but I've used it for years! Got B hooked too! 
25. Crest (any "formula" of Crest) Whitestrips- BEST EVER teeth whiteners & you will see a noticeable difference...right away!!! I once got my teeth "professionally" whitened, payed over $500 & I swear to you...these are a MILLION times better! You will get compliments on your teeth all day! If your teeth are sensitive...use the "Gentle Routine" ones & you'll be ok. You will die how good these work! Kinda pricey, but worth every penny! 
26. Cotton Ovals- Any brand will do & these are for SO many uses! I use them under my socks, to prevent blisters on the back of my heels in my running shoes & for a "special" DIY face scrub that I will be posting very soon! Stay Tuned.

And last, but not least...

27. Mr. Pumice-Pumice Stone-I keep one in the shower to scrub my feet every day, making sure to not get dry, yucky feet! When you scratch your man under the sheets...SO NOT HOT!!! LOL! 

These are my faithful go-to's & ones I can't/wouldn't want without! I am not a spokesperson for any of these, and am not getting paid to share these with you, just love them that much! bad does it stink when you waste your money on trying new things and you are highly disappointed? Don't want that to happen to you, and I would LOVE to hear all of your faves as well! 

Here's to lookin' & feeling beautiful, product at a time,

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