Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Veronika's Kloset & other TO DIE FOR ones!

Hey Gorgeous!
The tab on my page that reads "Play Dress Up" is set up for Outfits of the Days & other fun fashion inspirations, but since I've been on House Arrest for 1o years now (Ha Ha) & haven't even gotten dressed in ages, let alone have something spectacular to share...I thought I'd start with the first step of Playing Dress Up. The place where all the magic begins...the closet! As soon as I'm all better (for the love of God)...the outfits will be a comin'! But...in the meantime...I'm sure we can all agree that we LOVE to see how other people live, see inside their homes, see how they decorate, what they collect, etc...so I thought it'd be fun to spend a day in my closet & some other ones I found that are TO DIE FOR!!! I am in NO WAY trying to brag, or share this with you for any other reason than the fact that I too...would love to see your closets/collections as well! As any girl that loves fashion, clothes, shoes, purses...how fun is that! I hope you like it as much as I do & if you wanna share yours...I'd LOVE to see! Here's a peak into mine...

Gift from my Valentine

My Newest Addition

Even hang up my bathing suits because I love the colors! 

Build-a-Bear I made for B while he was away at camp

Messages we leave each other

Trunk of Treasures (My Costumes)

My Favorite Slippers

Jar of Goodies (samples & other fun stuff)

My Wedding Purse & Shoes
The TO DIE FOR Ones...

Here's to a closet big enough to store all your dreams...and your shoes!

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Diana Wrzask said...

Im so jealous of your closet!!!! lol