Friday, April 1, 2011


I interrupt your Friday morning activities to share some very big news with all of you...

Bobby & I, well...

And  the reason why this news is so big is because we are not just moving....we are moving to Texas!!! After visiting my Parents for over 3 years, falling in love with it more & more every time...we have decided to make the move & will be out of our house here, trucks packed & ready to the end of this month! We are over the moon & CAN'T WAIT to start a brand new life there! Not only is it absolutely beautiful, people are the nicest people you'll ever is oh so peaceful & I swear to you...I have NEVER seen Bobby more relaxed & I am CERTAIN he will live AT LEAST 10 years longer there!

Our home is absolutely beautiful, almost castle-like & the best part...on 4 1/2 acres! SO much land & PRIVACY! No more tanning salons for me. I can now lay out in the comfort & privacy, of my own backyard paradise. Oh, and speaking of paradise...the name of our street is the cutest name ever...Paradise Point!!! We've already looked at basketball hoops, which is something I am DYING to have & another thing I am STOKED has the biggest, brand spankin' new, oh so smooth driveway, for me to what...ROLLER SKATE!!! Don't think I'm not gonna plug in my Hello Kitty Boom Box, lace up my Britney Skates (thank you Tam)  & tear up that drive! Ha Ha!!!

Of course when we're all settled, we will share pictures of everything all decorated & pretty! We are so so excited! What does that mean for everyone we know & love here??? Not really too much at all. We will be back one week out of every month to see Customers, Family, & Friends, so we will definitely still be around. And to our Monavie Family...we will see you at all major functions & can't wait to share stories & have you hear about the team in San Antonio tearin' it up! Ha Ha. 

So...if we don't get to see a lot of you before we leave, just know that we will be back next month & most of you won't even know we're gone! 

I'm off to pack & start getting ready for our big day! 

Love, Hugs, Moving Boxes & a Texas Zip Code,


Beth said...

YAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you guys!!! Sounds absolutely wonderful! OH... you're gonna be so far away! Love you & may ALL your dreams come true and then some!!! XOXO

Veronika said...

Awww...thank you SO much, Beautiful Beth! I will be just a flight away! =) We'll still do brunch & get together..I promise. I love you the same & we'll be back to play every month! XO