Saturday, April 16, 2011

DIY MAC Counter

Who doesn't LOVE walking up to the MAC counter, checking out all their newest displays, and loving every second of it! I know I do & I after searching the Internet for months & months, looking to see where I could purchase an "authentic" MAC Counter display, and having no luck...I decided to make my own! Here's what I came up with...

Found this "authentic" MAC Sign on EBAY (entered MAC Make-Up Displays in search box) & also this acrylic nail polish stand that is also from EBAY & fits 27 MAC Eye Shadows, perfectly! 

From AMAZON, searched "Acrylic Make-Up Organizers" & found these other two additions. There are a million variations, so just search away to find your favorites.

I literally just "glue-gun'ed" this sign to the mirror. Holds tight enough not to fall off, but weak enough to not crack your mirror.

Got this glam frame at Home Goods & "googled" MAC  Logos, printed it out on photo paper & added swarovski crystals to the "dots" between the letters. 

Got this acrylic cube from The Container Store & added black sand from Michael's, to make my brushes look extra cute!

This particular "drawer set" from AMAZON, looks extra fancy because each drawer  is lined with black velvet-ish fabric. 

TAAAA DAAAA!!! Your own personal MAC Counter! 

It is super easy, not too expensive at all & oh so chic!

Since making this counter, I have continued searching EBAY for the "authentic" Eye Shadow displays & I am OH SO HAPPY to say that I FINALLY FOUND ONE!!! A beautiful, former MAC Employee was selling one & I was SO excited to buy it! (YOU ROCK, Cassie!) Since I'm in the process of moving though, I won't set it up until I get to Texas. I'll be sure to share with you guys when it's all set up! If you are looking for a "real" one...just check EBAY often & you'll definitely find them. 

Hope you love this & if you end up making one...I'd LOVE to see it! 

From the Nordstrom your own Counter,


Angelo said...

Wow, The style is perfect. I really like it too much. I hope my house is like that :)
Thanks for sharing.

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Veronika said...

Awww...thank you very much, Angelo. =) I really appreciate your kindness. Thank YOU for reading! =)

Krystal Soles said...

You are such a creative gem!!!!

Diana Wrzask said...

I want all of your make-up! So so so jealous! Again! lol.

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