Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Naked Mom

What I'm reading now...

Who doesn't love Brooke Burke! Girls love her...Guys LOVE her & she is just an all around Doll! Even though I am obviously not a Mama yet, I wanted to read it because I will be one day & also because I knew it would be good! And let me tell you...I was absolutely right! Just started reading it today & I am more than half way through it! One of those brutally honest, keepin' it real, makin' you laugh, makin' you think, entertaining you...all at the same time...kind of books! If you are a will LOVE it & will of course be able to relate, but even if you're like me & not there will also love it just as much! At least we'll know a little more about what to expect, right? Not only is she absolutely gorgeous...she really is just a down-to-earth, genuine girl! Of course reading about the glamorous parts of her life are awesome too! From bikini modeling, hosting WILD ON, to now...winning & hosting Dancing With The Stars...she's accomplished so much in the world of glam & has looked STUNNING throughout her entire journey! 4 kids later & a body TO DIE FOR!!!

Isn't she THE CUTEST pregnant woman you've ever seen? If I could guarantee I'd look this good during and after...I'd have a million babies!!! Angelina who? She'd have nothin' on me! Ha Ha. 

So...if you're looking for a fun, poolside/bathtub, waiting room, chaise lounging...kind of will not be disappointed! 

Books, Beauty & a whole lotta Brooke, 

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