Monday, April 18, 2011

Campers, Care Packages, Cool New Boat & THE CUTEST Boy...EVER! ♥

B is on his way! Every year, since he was 7 years old...B goes to a week-long YMCA Camp called Easter Caravan, which takes place at Lake Mojave, Arizona, during Easter Break (Downey School District), and teaches 6-9th grade boys how to water ski, wake board, and of course all the teachings that the YMCA represents. He started out as a Camper, then Jr. Counselor, then Counselor, & now...Director! He looks forward to it every year & puts his entire ♥ & soul into it! Not only does he donate his time & energy, but also his boat, toys & whatever it is that he thinks will give these guys the best trip...ever! Last year it was wet suits for everyone (water is cold this time of year)...this year it's everything from THE BIGGEST tubes you've ever seen, to water balloon launchers...the list goes on! He really does enjoy it as much as they do & I love helping him get all ready for it! He makes me SO proud & honored to be his Wife & I couldn't love him more if I had 2 hearts! He left this morning & I already miss him! But...I have A LOT of packing to do, so I'll be super busy! 

All these years he's been sleeping in tents, but last year was the first year he rented a motor home & he discovered a whole new world! Ha Ha!!! This year he got another one & I know he'll be getting some much needed rest! 

The boys are allowed to receive Care Packages & Goodies, which they love & of course...and my B is no exception! I love putting them together for him & thinking of new creative things to add! Some of the things I've given him so far are...

 ♥ A Build-A-Bear, with my voice, leaving him a sweet message. (
 ♥Panty Gram ( Might seem inappropriate, but remember...6-9th grade boys...they live for that stuff! Ha Ha!
 ♥ The Hallmark books where you record your voice & you can read your loved ones a bedtime story. The one I made for him was called "All The Ways I Love You"
 ♥ Mini Photo Albums/Scrapbooks, put together with cute/funny pictures of us & captions, poems, go along with it.
 ♥ A million & one cards scented with my perfume. The boys love that too!  
♥ Home-made cookies, RKTreats, etc. 
 ♥ And any other cute, creative goodies I find to add to it!

These are all cute ideas for any loved one that's away. Military, Long-Distance Love, Kids away at school, Business Trips, etc.

Some of his treats so far. Every year I give him something Sexy, something Sweet, something Sentimental & of course...all of his favorite goodies! 

Waiting for his Rice Krispy Teats to cool! 

His brand new toy. Picked it up yesterday...just in time for camp! SO SO happy for him! No One deserves it more!

The ABSOLUTE LOVE ♥ of My Life! 

Here's what my trip would look like if I were going! In a minute you'll see why I wasn't invited! Ha Ha Ha! I introduce to you...GLAMPING! really is the new term for...

Now that's my kind of Camping! LOL! Don't get me wrong, I do love to camp (only if I can take a shower at the end of my dirty day! EXTREME OCD, remember?), but this kind of camping...BEE-YOU-T-FUL! 

I say, next year while B's girls go GLAMPING! Who's with me? How fun would this be?

Sleeping Bags, Tents, & Smore's,


Beth said...

That is awesome that he does that! I love your care packge too... so cute! I'm in! Let's do it! xoxo B

Veronika said...

=) Thank you, Beautiful! YEEEAAAYYYY!!! Let the GLAMPING begin!!! XO