Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day


Earth Day is important because it raises an awareness to help save our home. It is a day to become more aware of what we all can do to help keep our environment safe and clean, for generations to come.

Just like any other holiday we do things to celebrate them. Earth day is the day you show how much you appreciate Mother Earth by "Going Green" & that includes: Recycling, Reusing, Reducing the uses of some things such as-turning off lights when not needed, turn off water while brushing teeth, using less AC, and doing everything in your power to make this world as beautiful as possible. After all though...Earth Day really is
every day & we all should do our part to take the best care of it! 

Some fun activities you can do to celebrate & feel connected to nature and of course, the Earth, are...

Plant a tree
Go on a hike/nature walk
Build a birdhouse, or just put one up (Ha Ha) & bird watch
Turn in all Recycling
Eat an all organic meal
Go on a bike ride
Pack a picnic
Read a book under a beautiful tree

Take a minute to enjoy something beautiful today & be grateful for this wonderful place we call home.

Loving my Earth & all of YOU,

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