Wednesday, May 4, 2011

We're Here!

We Have Arrived!!!

Well...actually a few days ago, but we don't have our internet hooked up yet (using B's phone right now), and I've been unable to play! Ha Ha. I'm so sad I've missed so many days blogging, but so so happy a new home is the reason! I was on such a roll though. Almost every day of April had a post. really does happen & I'll be sure to catch up...ASAP! We are waiting for all of B's "gadgets" to arrive from Best Buy & then all will be hooked up at the same time. 

And...yesterday...I dropped my brand new I Phone, so I have no phone either. It shattered into a million pieces & little pieces of glass are all over it! Thank Goodness I let Verizon talk me into the warranty. Ha Ha. Never dropped a phone in my life, but yes...there's a first time for everything! So...later today I'll be getting a new one, but for the time being...I am MIA & working on the house! 

Papa & Mama came over last night & "properly" welcomed us to Texas, by bringing us all kinds of home cooked love! Mama made all of B's favorites...Home-Made Mac & Cheese with Kilbasa, Biscuits & Gravy, Beef & Noodles, and the prettiest (yummiest) salad I've ever seen! Awww... SO SO sweet & I love her to death! Thank you so so much, Mama! 

So far...So perfect! Life in Texas is wonderful & we couldn't be happier! And just like our new really is Paradise! For all of you that we didn't get to see before we left (which is everyone) Ha Ha...just know that it's only because it's not's See You Later! We'll be back & we'll be around! This is just our residence now, but our heart belongs to many places & CA will always be our "home", because that's where we grew up & where all of you live!  

Verenia is coming this weekend for Mother's Day, so we can't wait to see her & have a wonderful visit! I'm trying to work extra hard & get as much done as possible before then! 

Sure hope all of you are wonderful & that your hearts are happy! I'll be back soon! TONS of work-unpacking/organizing/ be done! Have a wonderful day, Everyone! Love & Hugs to all of you! 

From our "Paradise Point"... to yours,

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