Friday, April 15, 2011

Blemish Be Gone!

Being the Gorgeous Dolls that we are...we cannot afford to be looking anything but FABULOUS!!! Ha Ha! And...Unfortunately, we can't control when pimples decide to pop up,  however...we can do something to make them disappear. This nifty little heated device reduces blemishes by 90% in the first 24 hours. Yay! AND even looks adorable in your medicine cabinet/make-up bag! Ohhhh...maybe I need to bling this out too! LOL! 

Let me just tell you I've tried it & it REALLY does work! First time in my life I've waited 3 months to get a break out! Ha Ha! Enter "time of the month" & she never fails! We've all heard the "home remedies"-Toothpaste, Visine, etc. None of those have ever worked for me, but this fun little gadget sure did! Here's what it is and what it does.

Zeno Hot Spot

Description: A hand-held acne-fighting device that uses heat to destroy bacteria that causes pimples and noticeably reduces the size and redness with 1-2 uses.
Price: $39.99 for 80 uses and various retail drugstores (I got mine from Amazon)
  The Zeno Hot Spot is very tiny and compact, its about the size of two lipsticks side by side and it’s very easy to use.  This acne therapy uses heat that kills acne-causing bacteria in 1-2 (sometimes 3, depending on how gnarly your breakout is) uses that each last 90 seconds. You can definitely FEEL the heat, but it’s not painful at all. Because the therapy is simply heat, there are no chemicals or harsh ingredients to irritate the skin- this therapy is 100% safe and natural (a huge bonus for those seeking out natural and effective skincare).
The cap comes off to reveal the treatment area, the on button and a light-up display of its lifespan remaining.  To turn the device on, you simply press the area in the middle, and it will make a sound, light up and begin treatment. You just have to be careful when handling it without the lid on.  If you accidentally turn the power on, without meaning to...tap the power button twice & it will turn off, but try really hard not to or you'll "waste" on of your uses. So...only when you're ready to use it, press the on button, let it complete it's cycle, & it'll turn itself off automatically. The number of treatments left is displayed by the illuminated lights on the left hand side. The nice thing is that the device does come with two AA-batteries so you can use it right out of the box, no charging necessary.

Overview...I LOVE it & it really does work! PERFECT if you only get a few break outs...every once in a while, and works best if you use it as soon as you notice your breakout. The more developed they are...the less effective this will be. 

Beautiful Girls, Banishing Blemishes,

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