Sunday, July 22, 2012

"Sunday Sweethearts"

Happy "Sunday Sweethearts", Beautiful Dolls!

Thank you so much for joining me on my "Sunday Sweethearts" link-up!
I'm so excited to have you with me!

The inspiration behind this, is a day to share ALL the things that happened during the previous week...that made your heart...a little sweeter.

I wanted to start this "movement", in hopes that everyone who reads these precious moments...will inspire each other to love a little more, and to become aware of the impact a simple act of kindness/love...really does have on our lives. We all can make a difference., no matter how small, and I truly believe that love really does...make life worth living. No matter what each of us are going through...when you surround yourself with love & goodness...the world absolutely gets a whole lot sweeter.

It's my little version of "Paying It Forward".

I would love nothing more, than for you to join me on this touch, inspire, & of course...make many lives as we possibly can!

How awesome would that be!!!

can't wait to begin this crusade with all of you & to make the world ♥ at a time!


Here are mine for this week…

1. A Link…full 
of love!

Click here to see it.

Sent to me by my Bestest in Colorado.
LOVE this face! 

Here's what she wrote...
"You were the first person I thought of...we need more of these people...EVERYWHERE! ♥ ♥"

And here's my reply, after viewing it...
"HOLY CRAP, Sister!!! Forget eyes are DROWNING!!! =( as beautiful as it gets, and YOU, my dear...are JUST AS. Thank you....with ALL of my heart...for sharing this with me. With ALL of us who read this. It's EXACTLY what this world needs right 
now. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I ♥ you to heaven & ever after! XO"

She's one of the families that had to evacuate during the fires & now the latest news...absolutely horrible. Thank You, Jesus...her family & her home were spared. I love you, with ALL my heart, Tam...& I thank God for you...every day! Thank you for sharing this with me/us!


2. Pinterest "Prayer Board"

Because of all that's been happening in the world lately, & of course…always happening in all of our lives…I decided to create a "Prayer Board" on Pinterest, so that we can all come together, post our prayers, & take a moment each day…to pray for everyone who's in need. The response has already been overwhelming to me, & I couldn't be more excited. I guess after every tragedy…the only silver lining I see…is what it does to make people (almost always perfect strangers)…come together & unite. That part is absolutely beautiful to me. There truly is beauty all around us & more people that actually do care…than most people think. I just wish it didn't take the worst of times…to make people celebrate the best of times. Thank you to all of you who have joined me, & again…feel free to share with as many people as possible. I believe great things happen in numbers, & with God & all of his Angels joined together…there's nothing we can't overcome. May God continue to bless & watch over each & every one of us. 

Click here if you want to join us & make sure you let me know you do, so that I can follow you back. If I'm not following you…I can't add you to the board.

Click on this pic to follow me & of course…I'll return the favor.


3. Mailboxes…full of Love!

Nothing makes me happier than "Snail Mail", Kindness, Love, or unexpected…all of the above!
My heart is full & I am grateful. 
To ALL of you who are responsible…I love you & I appreciate you! 
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 


4. Remembering the best day of my life!

This is what I wrote on Facebook...on Friday night.

"As I sit here, scrolling through my past blog posts…I came across our 1 year anniversary one, where I posted this video & I can't even begin to express how many AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL emotions/memories it brought back, & ALL of you AMAZINGLY, BEAUTIFUL people we got to share it with! I ♥ & miss you, so much more than you know, & I will NEVER forget ANY of you, or your presence in our lives…and FOREVER in our hearts. With tears streaming down my cheeks…I just want you to know how very special each of you are & how truly blessed we were to have you there to share the most important day of our lives. Thank you…forever & ever. And to my B…"I ♥ you" will never be enough, & if I could do it all over again…I would…in a heartbeat! Because of ALL of you…my life is TRULY blessed!"

Click here to watch me marry the love of my life, & share in our…Happily Ever After
And here for our "same day edit" that was shown at our reception!


5. Never losing my child-like innocence.

While on my family's Sunday Cracker Barrel outing…my Mama & I saw this absolutely adorable little monkey & I just fell in love with it's sweet face. I've always been in love with monkeys, don't collect them or anything, but just always wanted a real one! Ha Ha. They're my favorite "attraction" at the zoo (I could watch them for hours & sometimes I do), & I'm just fascinated by them. Probably started by watching "Pippy Longstocking" back in the day & falling in love with Mr. Nielson! LMAO! Anyway…she surprised me with it later, & it's made me smile ever since. I love you, Mama & there are no words that even exist, in the entire English language…that could ever express how much you mean to me & how grateful I am that God sent me to you. 


6. "Meeting" New Friends.

To my beautiful, brand new friend, Crystal…who I just "met" on Facebook this week! I adore you already & I'm so grateful you reached out to me! She found me through a mutual friend & we've been talking (typing)…ever since! Could her & her Fiance be any more stunning! And the most exciting part…she's getting married…this weekend! I couldn't be happier for her, or wish them any more love & happiness! Watch out Cabo! J & C are takin' over! 
Here's to you both, and yourHappily Ever After


8. To ALL these little faces, that make me smile…every single day!

...and all the rest of you!
I love & appreciate you ALL, and you add more sunshine to my days…than you will ever know! 
Thank you for being here & for sharing your time & your hearts with me.
I am eternally grateful. 


I could add more, but I'll stop now & save the rest for next week!
Thank you to all of you for reading & an extra special Thank You, in advanced...for all of you who join me! I love & appreciate you...all! 
Please grab the button code from my sidebar, insert it into your post, and then join the link-up below! Can't wait to see what made your hearts...a little sweeter!

Happy Sunday, Beautiful Ones!

Sweethearts Unite  !


K said...

I've probably seen your Wedding videos like 300 times and STILL cannot stop watching them!!!! Such a beautiful and magical day captured and cherished I am so sure of <3<3<3

Veronika said...

Awww…thank you…so very much! I can't seem to get enough of them either…obviously. =) LMAO! =) The day/moments go by SO fast (as I KNOW, you know)…so I'm so happy to have these to remember…all the little things. Love sure is beautiful, huh? =) Thank you. And thank you so much for linking up! Yeay for your adorable pic this time! =) NOW I know what I'm doing! =) Love you, K! Sweet Dreams! XO

Tammi said...

Awww....I feel SO special :). Thank you for your super kind words, sister. I'm glad you enjoyed the link as much as I did, but does that really surprise me? Lol..When was the last time we DIDN'T love the same things, haha. MUAH!

Veronika said...

That's because you ARE special! =) And…of course. Only the truth, Sissy. Only the truth. And lastly…DUH! =) LOL! Forever & Ever. Right back at ya, Honey! I love you…mucho! XO

Diana Wrzask said...

Do you have an address we can send mail to? :)