Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th. of July!

Some people touch our lives in deep and wondrous ways. With their kindness they teach us the capacity of the human spirit. With their wisdom they help us to view life as a magical journey. With their hearts they show us the real meaning of love. You are one of these special people in my life, and today I give thanks as I celebrate what a gift it is to have all of you in my life. As we celebrate my very favorite holiday...let us all remember the people who made this day possible & the hearts that keep it going. Be safe out there. 
God Bless each & every one of you, & of course...GOD BLESS THE USA! ♥

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It's adorable & I just love to give back to all of you!
Thank you for all of your entires & love so far, & again...just as soon as I can...I will respond to all your sweet comments. 
I really appreciate your patience & understanding.

Huge Love & Hugs to you all!
Be safe out there.

One Proud American,

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