Thursday, July 19, 2012

No More Tangles!

Ok Dolls.
Time for show & tell.
I discovered this product & YOU WILL DIE!
If you are, or have any little tender heads to brush...this will eliminate all your/their tears & heartache! 
NO's insane!
I used to use a wide tooth comb in my shower, & comb through my hair, after I gave my conditioner a little while to "sit"....until I discovered this! 
Every once in a while...I read the reviews on Amazon, of the newest & top rated beauty products & when I saw this...I had to try it! 
Girl...with the comb...I would rip the crap outta my hair & with this...silky smooth! LOL! 
They are less than $10 on Amazon & come in all these different colors! I got the gold one & keep it in my shower caddy! LOVE it every day! 
Click on the pictures below & it'll take you right to the links to order. 
I promise you will be just as amazed as I was/am! 

WET BRUSH Og. Collection.

WET BRUSH Diva Glide Collection.

And...don't forget tomorrow is our big day!
"Friday Favorites" represent! 
If you missed the big announcement...
you can read about it here

Have a beautiful night, Everyone!

See You Beauties Tomorrow!


K said...

Wow!!! When I opened this post I thought I was going to see a Leave In Conditioner! I was shocked by the brush!! Looks amazing! And long hair needs special treatment :)

Veronika said...

=) Surprise! LOL! It sure does & believe works wonders! =)

Blogger said...

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