Monday, July 23, 2012

A Perfect Bun

Hey Gorgeous Dolls!
I don't know about you, but during this time of year, girl…it is HOT & I want my long hair…no wear touching me! Especially in this Texas "sticky-ness"! No complaints though…I love me some Texas! LOL!
Anyway…because of this beautiful, summer weather…my favorite "go-to" hairdo is a perfect messy, & oh so easy…little bun.
Not only do they look adorable, & effortlessly chic…they're as fast & easy as can be. 

I adore the above look, but I equally adore this more sophisticated look! 
Perfect for date nights, or special evenings out! 

Here's my very favorite "how-to" video & one of my very favorite You-Tubers. How GORGE is she? Love. 

You saw what she used to make her bun, but here's what I just bought from ASOS that would be perfect too!

Dang…all this bun talk makes me want a donut! Krispy Kreme, anyone? LMAO!

Happy Day/Happy Week, Beauties!

I love you like a fat kid my ass loves…DONUTS!


Emily Jane said...

Ah, this post is absolutely spot on! I had my hair cut into a bob last summer and I tell you what, it worked miracles for keeping cool!

I missed my long hair though, and now that summer has come rolling round again and my hair has started to grow again, I think it's time to rediscover the classic hair bun :)

Emily Jane xo

Veronika said...

Awww…thank you, Sweetheart! So glad you love it as much as I do! Can't wait to hear/see if you try it! =) Thanks so much for being here & for taking the time to comment! Means the world! Sweet Dreams, Honey! XO