Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Positivity Tale

Often times (too often) in life, we only hear the negative (news, Facebook updates, etc.) I wanted to take a minute to share the positive. I truly believe that sharing is contagious, so whether you share good, or bad...that energy spreads like wildfire. People often ask me how it is that I'm so happy all the time, and a lot of the time they're surprised by my answer. You see, it's not that I don't have my days of doom & gloom, of course I do. I'm human just like you. But I guess the difference is...on those days...I keep to myself & wait patiently for the sun to appear again. I've learned a long time ago that, "if you can't say something nice...don't say anything at all" (-Bambi & my Mama), so quiet is what I am! Ha Ha. If you don't hear from me, chances day sucked just as bad as yours....I just didn't tell 20,000 people & put a huge cloud over their day too! LOL! So...if you're having a bad day...just sit quietly & wait for the storm to pass, and trust me when I tell always does. Always. 

Here's what happened on our journey home from California.

It all began 2 days before 4th of July, when I flew in to CA, to meet up with Bobby & drive home with him with our new jet ski's. You see...we spend 24-7 together (I know. I know. But we're still Newlyweds...give us some time! LOL!), so we don't like to travel apart, and never do unless we have to. As we were all packed for our CA road trip, to pick up our brand new Mama called me  with the news that my Uncle (her Brother) was in the hospital in critical condition, & that she was on her way to go see him. Without hesitating I told her I was going too & Bobby would have to go to CA & make that drive alone. As much as that broke my heart...of course he understood that I had to be there for my Uncle, Aunt, & of course my Mama. we went. On our last day in MO...B called me & told me he had a surprise waiting for me at home. Dragging in around 1am...I see my "surprise" on the counter. It's a plane ticket to fly to CA in the morning & drive back home with him! As tired as I was & as much as i did not want to be in the car any longer...of course...I was ecstatic! I went...again!

We spent the night together & woke up bright & early to continue our long journey home (about 22 hours). On our way, singing as loud as we could...we see a piece of tire fly up & weren't sure if it was from our truck/trailer...or something that was already in the road. We pull over to check it out, and sure was one of the tires from our jet ski trailer. The sides were as bald as a baby's butt & it was beginning to rain, & we still had a long way to go! And since we just got spare. We googled the nearest service station & it was over 50 miles away & was already technically closed.'s the day before the 4th & about 6 pm at this time. So...B's plan was to see if we could drop the ski's somewhere, take the tire off, & take it to the station...if he could find it in his heart to stay open a little longer for us. With the ski's off...we could drive a lot faster & get there asap! 

The kind man on the other end of the line said, "no problem"...he'd wait for us. So...we pulled off the next exit we saw, which turned out to be complete ghost town! Nothing but an old abandoned bar & gas station. Neither of which were open. Here's where this story gets good.

Out of absolutely no older man appears & asks if we need help. Bobby asked if he happened to have a jack (which Bobby always has, but of course...not this time), so we can remove the bald tire & get to the body shop in time. He walks slowly to his trunk & sure enough...a jack. He helps Bobby remove the tire & we explain our situation to him. You see...the tire is off now, but we still need a jack to put the new one back on...once we drive over a hour to get it. The kind man says, "don't worry...I'll wait here until you get back." We told him it'll be at least an hour, maybe 2 & he said he didn't mind at all. Wow. We couldn't believe an absolute stranger would do such a thing & of course....we told him we would absolutely...make it worth his while. 

We take off & head straight to the service station. An hour later we arrive. The man gives us a new tire & we are on our way. Another hour back...the sweet man is waiting in his car. TWO hours he waited. Not only did he wait...he helped Bobby put the new tire on, & we couldn't thank him enough. We handed him his "reward" & he almost passed out...literally. With tears in his eyes, he said there's no way on earth he could take this. We told him he didn't have a choice & we appreciated him more than he knew. He told us he was a veteran & now he could really celebrate his Independence Day. With tears streaming down my cheeks (come guys know me by now)...we both shook his hand & thanked him, again & again. 

The craziest part of this story, & the biggest mystery is...who was this Man...and where did he come from. We didn't see him arrive, & even though he had a car...we never saw him leave. 

I don't know about you, but I absolutely, 100% believe in Angels & I wouldn't be surprised at all...if this particular one' was Armando & he fought for our country...many years ago. 

The moral of this story is...there truly & goodness all around you. 
My Mama always said..."If you look for the bad in this world, you'll be sure to find it; but if you look for the'll find that instead." 
If you ever have a chance to help someone, please make sure you do. You see one day, some'll be you.

There really are..."Angels Among Us".
Look closely though...they don't always have wings.

A Believer,


Jenna said...

That is so beautiful! More people, myself included sometimes, need to have your beautiful and positive attitude!

You're such an inspiration. Thank you

K said...

Such a lovely and inspiring story of trust and goodness!!! I am so grateful that you found help when you needed it because everyone knows that you help out so many people and are kind to everyone!!!

You make me believe that Kindness is Contagious :)

chad lee said...

SO beautiful and no question he was an angel...appearing out of nowhere and wanting nothing, i believe u know when u seen an angel they appear and disappear yet leave leave a mark so deep u feel it forever: )

chad lee said...

as much as angels are in our lives i believe EVERYONE of us has the ability to be angel like(angelic?)heres my short but VERY true story:

one day in la delivering furniture, i had gotten lunch and took a quick personality is i dont remember my dreams(as a kid i had nightmares and trained myself not to remember my dream state) while in my ten min nap i had a dream i was at a stoplight, i had glanced down to look at my map, looked up and the light turned green as i hit the gas i was t boned by a semi truck that couldnt stop in time...the impact awoke me from my dream. so i went on doing my work, i was on my 3rd del after my nap in mission viejo stopped at the light looked down at the map, looked up and the light turned green...i hesitated(at same time dialing 911...not knowing why i was dialing it already) no sooner then i hesitate when i see a green honda gas through the light and watching it get smashed by a semi(as this was happening i was already on line with 911 dispatch telling them what happened AS it was happening...SO wierd?!) anyway i drive by slowly as everyones pulling over to help i notice the lady get out and stare at me in a moment seemed like hours...all of a sudden blood fills her face and she collapses i pull over and help the other 2 gentlemen carry her off the street...i dont know if anyone else understood her(she was rambling on and had a really deep accent)but somehow through all of it i made out baby...i looked at her car which was filling up with smoke. i run fast as i could to it and couldnt get any door open, so i stepped back and kick the back pass window out and stuck my head in and had to pull it out fast i started choking and realized it wasnt smoke from fire but of freeon from the ac i took a deep breath and went head into the window...i couldnt see anything it was SO a smokey, i closed my eyes and felt moment my whole life stopped for what seemed an eternity as i felt a small hand grab mine, i had to go back out for another quick breath and went back grabbed my knife out my pocket and cut the whole carseat out with the little baby girl in it...meanwhile no one else is trying to help me all i hear is "get away from the car its going to blow" i walk away from the car with the seat and baby the car catches on fire, i hand the seat and baby to a lady close by and said to her "please do not give the baby back to the mother...dont even let her see her mom untill ambulance comes and cleans her up a bit" she asked why i replied " she baby and she will be traumatized if she sees her moms face like that full of blood" i turned around and left...this all happened whithin a 5min period as i was leaving a couple came running up to me saying the press and police are coming they wanted me to stay and say i saved the baby "im late for my last delivey i cant keep the customer waiting...i only did what id expect true humans(humanity) would do" smiled and drove off.

im no angel as i see, but a few days later the woman came into my job to give me a hug and say how i was her angel in time of need that i had given her life again! i realized angels are within us all, let them out and do what the earth needs, passion loyalty honor : )

Veronika said...

Jenna & K...what did I ever do to deserve such love & goodness! =) I love & appreciate you much more than words. Thank you, for EVERY kind word you speak. As much as you say I inspire goodness in do the VERY same for me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Let's keep this love going guys! It REALLY is contagious! =) XO

Veronika said... have NO IDEA how much it means to me that you took the time to share this story with me...with ALL of us. With tears streaming down my cheeks, and such a warmth in my heart...I "feel" your soul & let me tell you, my's as beautiful as it gets. Of course you didn't stay. It isn't about that. No one understands more. Staying takes all the magic away. You TRULY are an Angel on earth, & don't ever let anyone tell you different, or try & dim your light. They can try alright...but the love the shines within you will never dim. I am honored to know you, but even more call you my friend.