Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Diamonds are a girls best friend!

Ok Dolls!
If you've never heard of DIAMOND CANDLES...allow me to introduce to you...some of my very favorite things...on earth! 
Not only are they absolutely oh so cute, smell like heaven, & make adorable gifts...they all come with a very special surprise inside...A DIAMOND RING! 
Yep. You heard right!
 Each ring ranges in price from $10...to $5,000! 
It's like a giant treasure hunt, only instead of being hidden at the bottom of the sea...it lies right inside your candle! 
How exciting is that?
Here's a little video about all the details.
And...to make them even more perfect...there's as good of quality as you can get!
Candles burn all the way down & no wax is wasted.
Worth every penny & no...I don't work for them, get paid by them, or are affiliated with them in any way! 
I just buy them all the time & love them so so much! 

They have so many scents to choose from, & you will love them all! 
Here are some of my favorites, that I've tried & loved! 

And this one will be added to my upcoming "Sun Kissed Doll" Giveaway! 

Click here if you wanna play & see them all! 

If you see one you like...feel free to use this code & get $5,00 off. (Valid until July. 31st.)

Have a beautiful night, Gorgeous Ones & don't forget to get your posts ready for my link-ups for Friday (info here) & Sunday (info here)! Hang tight, K! I LOVE that you're so excited! And Alexandriaweb...thanks so much for your interest as well! I'm stoked! 

Huge Love & Hugs to you all!

Shine Like The Diamonds You Are!

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