Friday, July 13, 2012

On The Road Again...

Girl...I'm trying to remember, but...CAN I GET A HELL NO to another road trip! So...Cliff's Notes...we just flew in to Cali on Monday, for a Tuesday business meeting, planned on flying out yesterday morning & being to Texas 2 hours later, but due to my INSANE (on a scale of 1-10...12 migraine), & B buying a new truck while he was bored, waiting for me to get well (LMAO)...we are now driving first thing this morning...all the way to Texas...AGAIN! Aye ye ye. Good thing I LOVE my Hubby, otherwise...this girl would have been on the next flight out...SOLO! 

So...thank Jesus I feel fine, just can't WAIT to be home again & at least stay put for a week or so! My ass hurts, I'm gettin' bed sores from sitting so long, and I just wanna RUN home! This lack of movement is really getting to me. Not to mention Imma bout to start licking the car windows...that's how bad I'm losing it from being "stuck"! LMAO! 

Deep Breaths, Veronika...Deep Breaths.

And...on top of "Hello Kitty Heaven" winner, doesn't even read my blog to know that she won & I keep waiting & waiting. Imma have to pull some "giveaway wars" up in here if I don't hear from her asap! Fair weather follower! What's up with that! LMFAO!  TOTALLY joking on that one! If any of you out there know "Inspiration Beauty"...HOLLA AT YA GIRL! 

Only jokes. Promise. She prob never thought she'd win in a million years & forgot all about it! Ha Ha. When I get home, I'll be sure to email her! 

Hope you guys have had an adventure filled week like me & that you've lost it a little a lot too! Makes life interesting, right? Ha Ha. 

Ok. Need Sleep. 
As soon as I get my happy ass home...lots of fun posts will be on their way! 
Love you. Mean it. 

Sweet Dreams, My Little Angels,


K said...

Can I request blog on what you do that requires so much travel? I'm intrigued....

Jlmarquez said...

Hang in their V!!!! Don't lick the windows!!! LMAO...and um if HK winner doesn't respond ....I would totally take it off your hands! I was so bummed I didnt win that for Grace . :( Well, don't go too crazy and happy/safe travels my lovely friend!!!
P.S. at least you're getting some quality time with your honey! :)

Veronika said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!! =) Just way too much driving in one month!!! 2 weeks out of the month…I was in a car! CAN I GET A HELL NO! =) LMAO! Startin' to lose it, Sister! =) But true…ANY time with my love is a good time! =) HK winner came out of the woodworks! =) She's from Ireland, so the time difference must have made us always miss each other, but…I know you wanted it so bad too! =( I'll keep 'em coming…don't worry! New one should be posted on Sat. How old is your Daughter anyway? Just for future reference. =) Love & Hugs, Honey! XO

Veronika said...

And K…to answer your question…YES. Coming soon! =) Love you! XO