Friday, July 27, 2012

"Friday Favorites"!

Happy "Friday Favorites", Beautiful Dolls & Guys!

I'm so excited to have you here with me & read all about your favorites!
If you missed my first post, explaining all about can read it here.

"Friday Favorites" is day where you post all the things you're loving each week, such as...

Here are mine this week…

1. Favorite New Sunglasses!

"OAKLEY Daisy Chain Women's Lifestyle Designer Sunglasses . Rose Gold/VR50 Brown Gradient"

I absolutely adore them & since I'm loving Rose Gold right now…I can't get enough!
They were sold out everywhere, so I got mine on Amazon.
Here's the direct link…if you're interested, of course. 

2. Favorite New Luxury…Silk Pillowcases! 

I read all abut these & not only how AMAZINGLY soft they are, but the beauty benefits as well! They work wonders for preventing wrinkles & create absolutely no…"sleep lines"! You will be amazed! B & I both adore them & we will probably never go back to regular ones. Each to care for too. Just wash separately (we wash ours together, of course), on delicate cycle & hang dry & you're good to go. I just use short/skirt hangers & they dry perfectly. There are many places to get them & we have 2 different sets, but the first set we got…just to see if they were worth all the hype, was again from Amazon. I tried to get you guys the exact link, but that particular seller is no longer available, so just search away! There are tons. Just make sure they're 100% silk & not satin. Makes a huge difference. Silk is a thousand times more breathable & way better for your skin! 
The true definition of "Beauty Sleep"

 3. Favorite New Clutches!

Ok seriously…
How AMAZINGLY, ABSOLUTELY Gorgeous are these bags!!!
I just adore….EVERYTHING about them…
1. Where they came from- THE BIGGEST SWEETHEART of an "oh so amazing" Designer, named Denise. She owns a shop on ETSY called "idinternosciadesign", and creates all different colorsstyles, etc. She's an absolute Doll & such a pleasure to do business with! 
2. Her customer service is impeccable & her work /craftmanship…is as perfect as it gets! They are perfectly sewn…complete with adorable lining, with pockets & all! And 100% leather, of course.
3. Very affordable & will get you compliments galore! 
As you can tell…I just love them! LOL! 
If you want to know more & check out all her goods…click here.
Tell her I sent you & she'll be extra happy! 
Now that I look at her store again…I think I just might need the purple & orange ones as well! He He! 

4. Favorite Night-Time Lip Therapy

Ok, so you're probably thinking…"What's so special about  lip stuff?", but let me just tell you…after reading the top beauty reviews on yes…Amazon (I think I have a problem)…people swore up & down by this stuff. I wear chap stick all day long, & at night before I go to sleep…but for some reason…I still always had dry, chapped lips…more often than I thought I should. So…I splurged the $9 bucks or so & let me just tell you…SWEAR TO G…no more chapped lips!!! Now I don't know if it's just me, time of year, etc….but all I know for sure…is this little sucker is workin' like a charm! No dryness…at all! I wear it every night, religiously…& by the looks of the open one…you can see the proof! 
Hum. Lovin' it!
Click here to get your smooth on! 

5. Favorite New Palette

It's HERE, Girls!
Stunning, right?
This is the one I was telling you about & the one I ordered 2 of.
1 for me & yes…1 for one of you! Yeay!
This will most def be included in my "Urban Decay" Giveaway…coming soon!
Two more are coming before it & next one will be posted, wait for it…TOMORROW! 
The majority of you voted on "Sun Kissed Doll", but since I'm still waiting on one more item to arrive…I figured you wouldn't mind if I did "Indian Summer" first! True? 
Stay tuned, Love Bugs!

6. Favorite New Shoes

I know. I know. A little CRAY CRAY, but that's how I roll! 
I love me some unique stuff & girls…these are about as unique as it gets!
Now before you think I've lost it…don't worry…I won't be pairing these with a sequin shirt or anything Richard Simmon's-ish (love him though)…I'm thinking more like a plain black short dress... 
Vegas style, Baby! You dig? 
Courtesy of a site I would marry if I could…HAUTELOOK
If you still haven't checked it out…you must!
Best deals you'll ever find. Designer & all!
Click here to check out the goods.
New deals/sales/products…every single day!
*WARNING…You JUST MIGHT get addicted!* 

7. My VERY FAVORITE treats/indulgences…of all time! 

Brought to me with so much love, from the man who knows the way straight to my heart…my B!
If I had to choose 2 sweets to eat…for the rest of my life…these would be it!
Apple is the "Cheesecake Apple"! 
I'm about to get my grub on now!

Thank you to all of you for reading & an extra special Thank You, in advanced...for all of you who link-up with me! Such a fun way to share, support each other, and meet new friends!

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Love & Hugs...always & Happy Friday!

A Happy, Grateful Girl,


Jenna said...

I love that UD palette! The colors are gorgeous! I definitely need that in my life!

The shoes are fab! So much fun! :)

And holy deliciousness with the apple and strawberry. Yum!

Love your favorites!


Veronika said...

Oh My Jenna…I LOVE that I can ALWAYS count on you! =) Thank you, Honey! Really, truly…means so much more than you know! =) The palette…stay tuned my dear! With your luck lately…you just NEVER know! =) It IS so gorge though, huh? =) Thank you for loving my crazy shoes & the treats…just ate the strawberry & decided to save the rest of the fun for tomorrow! LOL! Let's not get TOO crazy…ALL in one day! Ha Ha! Love ya, Sweetheart & again…your endless love & support…mean the world to me! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. The sweetest of dreams to you & when you wake up…a Giveaway awaits! =) Well…maybe after you eat lunch! LOL! =) XO

Erica Bellio said...

CRAY CRAY shoes are THE BEST!!!! And omg I think I HAVE to try the lip stuff too!!! And I like the themed Friday posts...I am still brainstorming of my own themed posts. Makes it so fun!!!! Loved the post!!!

Kori said...

Wow V I love all of it!!!!! Especially that UD palette. Love you! Kori xoxo

Veronika said...

Erica…LOL! Glad you agree! =) The funkier the better! =) Thank you so much for stopping by & for your love. Hope to see your favorites & have you join the link-up one Friday! =) Yes…they are fun & all of us bloggers love to join in! It takes some time (as you can see)…to get the word out, but once you do…you turn into Kori here & have a VERY SUCCESSFUL "fashion Friday" link-up! =) Lip stuff…AMAZE! Should def try it & before the week is over…I'll have that email to you! Just been super busy getting ready for a business trip I leave for on Tuesday, but I haven't forgotten…promise! =) Thanks again, Honey! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend! XO

Veronika said...

Awww…love you too, Kori! Thank you, Sweetheart! Beautiful, right? Just like you & your new love…yeeeeaaaayyy!!! =) I can't even tell you how happy I am for you & I've been praying that the whole 2 different states thing…works out EXACTLY as it's supposed to! Remember…what's mat to be…will ALWAYS find a way! =) ♥you & sure hope you're wonderful! XO

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