Sunday, July 29, 2012

If You Judge Books By Their Covers...

"I'm sick of people being shallow, & picking on other people for the things they can't change about themselves.
"She's too tall."
- It's not like she can control her height?
"He has a big nose."
- What is he supposed to do about it? Get plastic surgery?
"She has a weird looking face."
- Is that really her fault?
"She's really flat chested."
- That's genetic. She didn't choose to be.
"He has crooked teeth."
- Not everyone can afford braces.
"Her hair is too frizzy."
- She didn't choose her hair, & not everyone has the time to flat iron their hair every morning.
"His eyes are creepy looking."
- He didn't choose the shape of his eyes.
"She's fat."
- So, it's not her fault? Everyone has a different weight limit to them. If you're tall; like me, then you should weigh more. If you're short, then you should weigh less. Everyone is beautiful in their own way!!!!♥
"He's gay."
- Who cares? If they're bi, their bi. If they're gay, their gay. We're all human beings. Let people be themselves. They can choose to be with anyone, don't stop them.

You know what? People can't choose their family & how much money they grow up with, their facial structure, their body type or many other things. Don't pick on them for that. If you're you're going to dislike someone, dislike them for their personality & actions, not how they look or where they come from. Life isn't a video game. You can't just choose what you look like, how tall or short you are, your weight? I'm just saying'."


"Be the rainbow in someone else's storm." -Maya Angelou
Be kind. Love one another & always remember…
What if that person…was you?


Happy Sunday, Sweethearts.
Due to another insane migraine…I will resume with the official "Sunday Sweethearts" next week!
And…if I feel well enough tonight…I'll post my "Indian Summer" Giveaway!
I'm working on that now.
Thank you for your patience, love & support!
You guys ROCK!!! 
Hope you're enjoying this beautiful day! 

Live in Light & in Love,


Anonymous said...

I seriously love this!! This is so true we need to look beyond the outer and see the inner part of all people.

Veronika said...

Thank you, Sweetheart. I couldn't agree more. There's so much hatred, judgement & cruelty in this world sometimes & I would give anything to make people be kind…or be quiet! =) THAT would be my wish! We're all in this together & this place we call "home" would be SO MUCH MORE beautiful…if we all felt safe & loved. The way a home should feel. Hope you're having a beautiful Sunday! XO

K said...

Hope you feel better V!!!

Veronika said...

Awww…thank you, Mama! All better now! =) But let's talk about your bun! LOL! =) How freakin' cute are you! LOVE it & LOVE…YOU! Happy Monday, Honey! XO

Katy said...

I love these pictures of books and the beautiful book marks.

Veronika said...

Thank you, Katy! I love them too. =) I have a whole "board" on Pinterest called "Library of Dreams", FILLED with nothing but beautiful books! They make me happy too! =) Thank you for stopping by & for sharing your kindness! Would love if you & your positive energy would stay! =) JUST what I love around here! =) Thanks again, Sweetheart! XO

Veronika said...

I'm following you now! =)