Thursday, July 19, 2012

Happy Wife...Happy Life.

Hey Beauties.
Hope all of you had a wonderful day...FILLED with everything & everyone you love most!
I did...& that's what inspired this post.
For those of you who don't Husband & I work together, of course live together, & pretty much spend every waking moment together. Hey...give us time..we're still newlyweds! LOL!
But today was different.
We laughed more than usual & really truly enjoyed every moment. We were "present" & we were in love. I think that's what made it that much better. 
I think so many times in relationships, of course we unconsciously begin to take each other for granted, but even more than that...we often times spend so much time irritated by the little things that annoy us, & begin to overlook all the wonderful things that made us fall in love in the first place. Especially women. Men are way too "tuned out" to notice all of our little annoying idiosyncrasies, and believe me...I mean that in a very sincere, jealous way. I wish I had that ability, but unfortunately...I'm lacking that gene. I saw this quote & it couldn't be more true..."The less you give a crap...the happier you'll be!" LOL! How true is that though? We (I)...need to stop focusing on the little things...and spend a lot more time...being grateful for the big. 

Because let's be honest...
Some days are like this...


But if you take the time to remember the good...all the little things will once again...become so small. 
I'm a little disturbed, but sometimes all I have to do is think about not having him in my life one day, if god forbid something were to happen to him...and how bad I would give see his dirty clothes on the floor again, or hear his insanely annoying road rage...just one more time. I would miss every inch of much it hurts to even imagine. 

So...moral of the story...
Try your very best not to take your loved ones for granted & try your best to grow a "whatever" gene! 
Because after the's all about the love & not even being able to fathom your life without them. 
Be grateful & hug them extra tight tonight.
And never forget...

Sleep Tight, Dolls.
You are loved & always wished...every beautiful thing.
Until tomorrow (today)...

One Happy, Grateful Wife,

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Jenna said...

I love this post! It was honestly something I needed to see at the moment, so thank you for sharing!

You make a gorgeous couple!