Thursday, August 2, 2012

"Inspire Me Healthy" Link -Up!

"Diet Starts Tomorrow!"
No, really this time.
It's far past time to get my sexy back!

I know I've already posted today, but...
I just "found" these 2 gorgeous girls, Kristin & Raven & am so excited to be a part of their very first  "Inspire Me Healthy" debut…since I really AM…starting tomorrow.

Driving home from Dallas today, B & I had about 4 hours to plan out our life & eat all the crap we could & get it all out of our system…until tomorrow. That's why it's so ironic that I just found this post!

I wrote this on Raven's page & it couldn't be more true…

"GIRRLLLLL… couldn't be more with you & I LOVE your honesty & real-ness! You are one sexy Mama though…just know that for sure! But…I know EXACTLY what you mean about YOUR OWN best! Not what other people think you should look like. I am starting tomorrow too! I really am. I work from home, wake up at 9, AND walk past my ENTIRE home gym…EVERY SINGLE DAY! My shit has cobwebs on it & THAT my friend…is some bullshit! =) LOL! See…someone (hand raised so high)…ALWAYS has it worse than you! =) I SO wish I were brave enough to post before & afters, cause I'll tell you one thing…my shit's gonna be EPIC! LMAO! =) Let's DO THIS! We're all in this together & we're ALL rootin' for you! NOTHING but love for you, Honey! WORK IT OUT! =) XO"

If you read her post here…it'll make a lot more sense! Ha Ha.

Here's me & my B in one of our Engagement pics…a few days before our wedding.

me on my Wedding Day…almost 2 years ago now. (Nov. 6)

As sick as this sounds & as gorgeous as I felt these days…I still wasn't at my ideal weight…for me. 

And now…almost 2 years later…I would give the world to be here again. 
Isn't that so insane how that works?
You really…never appreciate what you have, & not even who you are…until it's gone.

I have at least 30 pounds to lose to look/feel…my absolute best & be back to "Veronika" 
again & I couldn't be more excited & more ready to take on this new challenge!

I wish I were brave enough to take before & after pictures, but…"Can I Get a Hell No!" I'm definitely not there yet! I give SUCH props to those who do/can. Maybe one day…I'll surprise you all! 

I'm an "all or nothing" kind of girl so I either go balls to the walls & eat everything in sight…or eat & train like a Champion!

Tomorrow…the training begins!!! 

I have an entire home gym, (hate to admit it…but since we ARE keeping' it real), have every 
DVD/supply imaginable

I even have this little piece of inspiration I made that hangs right next to my TV in my gym

How fitting is the Pink Glove for this post! 
Not on purpose at all, since I just found this link-up a few minutes ago! 
LOVE it!

I mean…what else could a girl ask for! 

NO EXCUSES…that's for sure! 

So…here'e to all of us!
Taking off our "fat suits" once & for all finding our inner Goddess...once again! LMAO! 

LET'S DO THIS, Beauties!!!

We can…and we will

Thank you, Kristin & Raven, for creating such an awesome, much-needed link-up, & for allowing us to all bond & hold each other accountable!
I look forward to getting to know & root for…all of you!

To my VKKD Girls…please feel free to join in with us too!
The more the merrier…for sure & a great way to meet new awesome girls! 

And while you're here…

Don't forget to enter my "Indian Summer" Giveaway!
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Link-Up with me for tomorrow's…
"Friday Favorites"
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Hope you're having a beautiful Thursday!
Love & Hugs to you all!

Your Biggest Fan & Eternal Cheerleader,


Tammi said...

Congratulations, sister, and best of luck! If you need some motivation, or tips, let me know! I think you SHOULD post Before and After Pics...Mainly for this reason: It will help hold you accountable. Everyone will want to see your progress and if you know people are following it, then it will push you to not give up :). I know it is TOTALLY out of your element to do that, but sometimes you need to step out of your comfort zone :). There are lots of "fitness" blogs where people post their progress as they go, and everyone loves seeing it, because it's inspiring. Regardless of what you decide, I'll still be rootin' for ya, you GOT this :). I would recommend to definitely make a goal though. Since you say you have about 30 lbs, I would say have your goal be to wear a sexy Santa outfit on Christmas and feel sexy in it. At 1.5-2 lbs a week, you would hit your mark by Christmas or even before. I wish we could work out together!!! SO much more fun. Love you!! <3

Kristen @ All In My Twenties said...

LOVE your post and that glove!! I want it!

You looked absolutely gorgeous on your wedding day! I look forward to seeign your weight loss journey!!

Thanks for linking up!


Carolyn said...

You can do it!! :)

princesstorrii said...

It's funny, I was WONDERING where the twin glove of Trisha's would be! Amazing you made it into an inspiration for yourself to get fit! Love it! :)