Sunday, August 26, 2012

"Sunday Sweethearts!"

Happy "Sunday Sweethearts", Beautiful Dolls!

Thank you so much for joining me on my "Sunday Sweethearts" link-up!
I'm so excited to have you with me!

The inspiration behind this, is a day to share ALL the things that happened during the previous week...that made your heart...a little sweeter.

I wanted to start this "movement", in hopes that everyone who reads these precious moments...will inspire each other to love a little more, and to become aware of the impact a simple act of kindness/love...really does have on our lives. We all can make a difference., no matter how small, and I truly believe that love really does...make life worth living. No matter what each of us are going through...when you surround yourself with love & goodness...the world absolutely gets a whole lot sweeter.

It's my little version of "Paying It Forward".
I would love nothing more, than for you to join me on this touch, inspire, & of course...make many lives as we possibly can!

How awesome would that be!!!

can't wait to begin this crusade with all of you & to make the world ♥ at a time!


Here are mine for this week...

1. Little Angels "Talk"

The same 2 Little Angels I spoke of yesterday…said these insanely sweet words to their Mama, as she read them a bed time story!

"Me: Girls, which Barbie in your book do you think is the prettiest?
Mia: I like this one because she looks like Aunt Veronika ♥"

Sent to me by my Bestest in Colorado.
LOVE these faces!

I Died. And still continue to.
And If I don't say so myself…she was pretty right on! Ha Ha! 
TOTALLY made my day & made my heart melt! 
LOVE you, Perong Girls! 
ALL of you!

(If you missed yesterday's post…here you go!)


2. A Mama's Love

Dog saves all her puppies from a house fire, and put them to safety in one of the fire trucks.
I cannot stand how adorably sweet this is!
Makes me cry every time I look at it!
How can people still say animals don't have souls!
I'll argue that one any time!


3. Love From My B 

Sometimes, a lot of times…it's the smallest things that mean the most!
I love you, Babe.
With EVERY beat of my heart.
Today, Tomorrow. Forever.


4. Little Joey

Rex, the dog, found a dead kangaroo in the road. Amazingly, one of its joeys was alive in its mother’s pouch. Rex rescued the joey, took it home, and dropped it at his owner’s feet. The 
Guardian reports that this dog and baby kangaroo are now best friends.

How insanely adorable is this!
And for the record…I wanna hold a Joey so so bad! 


5. My (Our) Superstar Niece!

Our Little Monkey made the paper!!! 
How awesome is that!
She ROCKS & we couldn't love her more or be any more proud!

It's no surprise though, really! Ha!
Here's her Mama, my bad ass Sister-In-Law!
Check her out!!!

That's right, Baby!
HALL OF FAME Pitcher for Eastern Kentucky University!!!
How sick is that!!!
Such an insane accomplishment & makes me unbelievably proud!
And…makes me brag a lot too! 
It's in the genes!
Sammie…you're well on your way!!!

And our adorable Peyton & amazing Brother, Ron!
And this card…absolutely adorable! 
I save everything my girls give me & add it to albums to one day share with them!
But this paper…we're gonna frame it & hang it in B's Man Cave…with all his other Sports Memorabilia!
Auntie VV loves you so so much!
SFM, Sister…SFM.


Thank you to all of you for reading & an extra special Thank You, in advanced...for all of you who join me! I love & appreciate you...all! 
Please grab the button code from my sidebar, insert it into your post, and then join the link-up below! Can't wait to see what made your hearts...a little sweeter!

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Happy Sunday, Beautiful Ones!

Sweethearts Unite  !

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