Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It's About To Get INSANE Up In Here!

B & I decided it was time to get our ass in some serious shape again, so…we are gettin' Insane!
Today was Day 1 & this shit is NO JOKE!!!

I thought I was bad ass doing 90 min on the treadmill…GIRL…20 minutes of this…I had 911 on speed dial! 
And the best part…today was just the "Fit Test"! LMAO! 
Tomorrow…let the games begin!
No more playing till 3 or 4 am!
Gotta get my rest & be up & ready for our morning boot "kick your ass" camp! 
IT'S ON!!! 
Pray for us.

Hope you've all had a wonderful Monday & that the rest of your week will be just as AMAZING! 
And if you've tried this…I'd love to hear your story! 
Love & Hugs to you ALL!

And to my workout partner…I love you, B! 
Let's do this!!! 

Sweet Dreams, My Angels,


K said...

Good Luck!!!! TJ and I started today too!!! But our start is walking a few miles in the morning... Hahaha!!! Our boot camp will come along later ;)

Go Team BV!!!!

Carolyn said...

OMG! We just started this today!! (Well the fit test was yesterday) I'm SO SORE!!!!!!!!!!

Veronika said...

Girls…Bobby went out of town & there went our "team"! =) Have to start back up again! How are things going Carolyn? I feel for you! =) And K…you crack me up!!! But in all seriousness…I think you have the right idea!!! =) One day…one baby step…at a time! =) Love you, girls! XO