Saturday, August 25, 2012

Life Lesson From 2 Little Angels!

When I received this text the other day, from my very Best Friend in Colorado…it literally brought tears to my eyes & really, truly…made me think.

"Had to tell you about my conversation with the girls yesterday. They were asking about a little teapot I have in the kitchen that you got me…

Me: Aunt Veronika got me that a long time ago.
Morgan: When you were a little girl?
Me: Not that long ago…but a while ago.
Morgan: I like Aunt Veronika.
Mia: Me too. She has a pool.
Me: I know sweety. We will go visit her one day.
Morgan: Why can't we go there?…Because she's busy?
Me: Yes, honey…she is very busy.
Morgan: Maybe she shouldn't be busy anymore. Maybe she should just play.

If only life were as simple as the thoughts of a 3-year old. :) Love you."

I know. I know.
And when you see the precious faces of the Angels behind the words…even worse! 

And my Bestest with them…

Kill Me Now!

The best way I can explain my heart & head…
is summed up like this…

I've always been one of those people that played AFTER all my work was done, & stayed hours late after work, just to make sure all my "to-do's" were checked off before leaving for the night.
I can't function in clutter or chaos, so I have to get rid of it before I can be social. 
It used to be very productive & everything worked perfectly for me & my life was filled with peace & balance.
I started biting off more than I could chew (in every sense), and stuff just kept/keeps piling up!
And you know what happens once you get behind…you're screwed! 
Now…pretty much every day...I lay my head to rest…with so much yet to still accomplish.
Hate that feeling.
Sure…the laundry can wait, and "re-organizing" my closet can be done later, but the things I have to do…most of them are time sensitive.
Wedding Gifts to make cute & send out before their first anniversary!
Birthday, Anniversary, Congrats, New Home, New Baby, Thinking of You, Sympathy, New Job, Engagement cards & gifts...a year late. (True Story)
Little Gifts & Letters I'm working on to send all my closest friends, explaining why I've been MIA for so long & praying they understand & still love me.
Getting my Giveaways ready & mailed out!
Answering Emails & Blog Comments.
Spending time with Family & Friends.
Keeping my house OCD friendly.
Travel, Travel & more Travel.
Being a Wife, Mama to my Babies D&G, & they are babies! 
Etc. Etc.
And I haven't even mentioned one word yet about my actual "work"!
That's a whole nother chapter.
(DISCLAIMER…I am NOT complaining one bit! I live for this kinda stuff, but not gonna lie…it does take some time!)
ANOTHER huge reason I have yet to want kids.
And you see what's left off my list?
Work-outs & taking care of me.
"Later I always say…Later." 
"When I'm all done."

I always tell myself, "As soon as I get all this stuff done…then...I'll call all my friends. Then I'll work out. Then I'll go see my Family, etc."
I hate multi-tasking when it comes to phone calls, because I always want the people on the other end of the line to have my full attention!
Nothing worse than talking for the hell of it!
And did I mention…I'm not a phone person at all!
I'm SUCH a guy when it comes to that.
These are my dream conversations…
Me: "Hey you wanna come over & hang out?"
Other Person: "Yeah. See you soon!"
Me: "Cool."
The End.

Unfortunately when half the people I love live hours, days away…that's not working for me so much!
Something I definitely need to work on!

I need to hire a "keep me on task manager"!

But…I know me & know that it'll take me 2 full days to get all this stuff above done, IF I can stay my ass off the computer (besides this blog, of course), and just, as they say in Texas…"Get er done!" 
As they say. 
You know damn well this California girl doesn't say that…yet.

So…for today…I'm gonna stop.
And leave my craft room just like this.

And just close the door behind me.

Can you say, "Crafer-math!"
In 2 days (or so)…I'll post a pic of what it's supposed to look like! 
And before you ask…that Christmas tree is not left up since Christmas!
Come on, guys!
I'm not that bad! 
It stays up all year! 
Look closely…you just might see a gift you're gonna be receiving!

So the lesson…
I hear you loud & clear precious M&M!
Aunt Veronika needs to take time for the things/people…that matter the most in this world! In her world.
And you bet your adorable little butts…you WILL be coming to see me & you WILL be swimming in my pool! 

If you haven't talked you your Best Friends in months…you just suck, that's all!
Me…talking to Me.
It's RE-DIC!
No reason at all for it! 

I always assume they'll understand & be there when I'm all done.
When in reality…none of us are promised tomorrow & if any one of them were taken from me…while I was busy playing in my craft room/getting stuff done, postponing their call…I would never forgive myself. 

Just yesterday…B & I were out running errands & passed a horrible motorcycle accident, resulting in a fatality, & again…there went my eyes!

Life is SO precious & MUCH TOO SHORT.
Never take anyone or anything for granted.
And always be sure…to take time to play!

Morgan & Mia…I give you my word!

I love you, Tammi…and even though I SUCK ASS at letting you know…I think of you, am praying for you, remembering all of our good times- singing songs we always sang, looking at pictures, wishing so bad we lived close again & could watch chick flicks & cuddle & crack backs & play 1-2-3 in the kitchen, feed the need, go to Italy & NY again, laugh till our tummies hurt, dance our booties off, stay up all night & talk, cry together, vent, drink chocolate cake shots, hug you anytime I want…this is what I think about, dream about, wish...EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!
You mean everything to me & it's about time I start showing you!
I'm helping B get all ready to leave tonight, so I'll call you tomorrow as soon as he's on his way! (Details when I call you)
Pencil me in, Honey!

Call someone you love.
They'll be so happy you did.
Don't wait.
Do it now!

Because after all…while your craft room is in shambles…so might be their hearts, and you'd never know because you didn't take the time to ask.


Right After You Make That Call…

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Love & Hugs to ALL of you
I couldn't love or appreciate you more!

Happy Saturday!

Touched By 2 Little Angels,


Tammi said...

I just got done reading this for the umpteenth time....and I'm still wiping tears from my face. I can't put into words how much I miss you, how much I miss "us." Never have I laughed with someone as much as with you. I need you in my life every day. I don't even want to type all the things I am feeling right now, because I'm tired of doing that. I want to tell you, with my voice. Looking forward to your call, more than you know. <3

Veronika said...

Awww…I ran out of words a LONG time ago, Tam! Thank God you already know my heart! =) SO glad we were able to talk! I love & miss you tons! XO