Sunday, August 19, 2012

Calling All "Sun Kissed Dolls"...

Hey Gorgeous Ones!
With the end of Summer "officially"coming to a close (way too soon)…
I wanted to give you a little something to enjoy every minute we have left! 
So here's to you…my beautiful "Sun Kissed Dolls"…
for all the sunshine you continuously add to my life!

Here's How to Enter!
First & Foremost...
You must be a Follower of my Blog & not just a reader. He He. You have to click "Join This Site" & become an addition to the beautiful, smiling faces...on the left side of my blog! I know a lot of you are unsure as to why you have to "join this site" aka "follow", instead of just reading, but in the blogging world...the only way we gain creditability is by how many "documented" readers/followers we have. Hope that makes sense. Don't worry won't be bombarded with emails/notifications, etc. In won't even receive one! So even if you're a guy & want to win any of my giveaways for a special someone in your are more than welcome as well! 

The above & 6 below are a must to be eligible & the additional 3 are extra! 


1) Like "Veronika's Kandy Koated Dreams" on Facebook HERE
                                                                 2) Follow "Veronika Ohanian-Welt" on Twitter HERE
 3) Follow "Veronika Ohanian-Welt"  on Facebook HERE
4) Follow "Veronika's Kandy Koated Dreams" on Bloglovin HERE
 5) Leave a comment on this page with your full name, & how many entries you've entered.

*Blog about this Giveaway- 2 extra entries
*Tweet about this Giveaway- 1 extra entry
*Facebook this Giveaway- 1 extra entry
Giveaway will close on Friday, August. 31st 2012 at Midnight...Texas Time!


Lovin' My Sexy "Sun Kissed Dolls",


Leslie said...

Looks like such fun stuff! you always have such fun cute giveaways!! Thank you!!
BTW: I Like "Veronika's Kandy Koated Dreams" on Facebook
I Follow "Veronika Ohanian-Welt" on Twitter
I Follow "Veronika Ohanian-Welt" on Facebook
I also Follow "Veronika's Kandy Koated Dreams" on Bloglovin

Leslie Moody :) Not sure how many entries I have entered?? I'd say maybe 4 or 5 now? just guessing. :)

Leslie said...

Whoops, sorry I am not on Twitter, didn't mean to add that one.

Carolyn said...

Carolyn Roe - I did all the mandatory entries, except BlogLovin! Don't have that!

Margarita Bloom said...

Happy Monday doll face! You always have such lovely giveaways! I adore that barbie bag!! :)

1) DONE - Like "Veronika's Kandy Koated Dreams" on Facebook HERE
2) DONE - Follow "Veronika Ohanian-Welt" on Twitter HERE

3)DONE - Follow "Veronika's Kandy Koated Dreams" on Bloglovin HERE

Erica Bellio said...

Love your giveaways girl!!! xxoo

Holly Torrico said...

I did all the mandatory entries....& I blogged about your awesome giveaway! :)

Veronika said...

Awww…thank you, my beautiful Girls! I love & appreciate you all & get so excited when you like my goods! =) Got you all down! Erica…do you want to be entered, Honey? =) If so…just let me know, pretty please…if not…that's totally fine too! =) And Holly…thank you for being here, Sweetheart & a HUGE welcome to you! =) Just wanna make sure, to be 100% fair…I just added you as a friend on FB on my personal page & I see you on Twitter (thank you so much), but for some reason can't see if you're following my FB Blog page & I also can't see your blog post! =( I see your blog, of course…but not where you wrote about this Giveaway! Can you help. =)

Veronika said...

And…I also can't see your little adorable face…following me here. =(

Holly Torrico said...

Weird, it's showing on my end that I'm a follower on GFC. :/

I just followed the link on the entry & added your FB from there...I'll go ahead & add the blog page now.

You can see my entry on the giveaway here:

Veronika said...

Ok Holly, Honey…I see it all NOW! =) Thank you so so much! I've got you down, Sweetheart! Thanks again! =) XO

Domestic Sweetheart said...

I heart your blog! I'm a new GFC follower :) & I follow on FB

Veronika said...

Awww…thank you so much, DS! =) A HUGE welcome to you, Honey! Thank you so much for being here & for wanting to enter this AWESOME Giveaway! =) Have a beautiful night! XO

Brittany Taylor said...

FOUR <3 .. I am keeping my fingers crossed on this one, BIG TIME!! :)

Mila said...

I liked your profile on FB, I add post about giveaway on my wall :
I'm not sure how can I follow your FB profile... :(

Anyway! Great giveaway! I hope I'll get it this time! Hugs! xx

Milena P.

sarahbert said...

This is an AMAZING giveaway! I love to read your blog and I'd love to enter!! I follow the blog and blog FB already, just added your personal FB (Sarah Jeanne), followed on twitter (sarahbert731) and bloglovin (, and tweeted about the giveaway! :-) Also, just wanted to let you know I made my first DIAMOND CANDLES purchase after seeing them on your page, I'm anxiously waiting for it to get here and hoping for a BIG ROCK ;-)

K said...

Moving is KILLING my blog time!!! Enter me for 6 Darling <3