Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What's In My Bag

I know it's rude to go through a lady's bag but I am IN LOVE with "What's in my Bag" posts & magazine pages...so I thought it'd be fun to do my own! Ha Ha! Besides...Who doesn't love these, right? 

So...here's what's in mine! 

From Left To Right...
My Wallet
Purple Leopard Pouch-Dental Floss & B's mint toothpicks
LV Pouch-Gum & Mints
COACH Pouch-Tampons
Monavie MAP BOOK-Our "Bible". He He
I Phone 
My Camera & Pouch
Yellow Betsy Johnson Make-Up Bag
COACH Little Case-Headache Meds
Buttercream Chapstick-My Absolute Fav! Smells just like vanilla frosting! YUM-ME! 

And with my OCD self, don't think I don't have a Kangaroo Pouch, oh because I do! SO Grandma, but SO organized! LOL! LOVE it! This is my 2nd one, because I love them so much, but this one shown is from ETSY, by a store called "Divide & Conquer", SO much more sturdy than Kangaroo Pouches & the woman who owns the shop is so so sweet! I highly recommend these! No more digging through your purse, or in my case, suitcase...to try & find all your stuff! Let's Get Organized People! Ha Ha. 

Here's What Inside My "Pouch" From Left To Right...
Wet Wipes
Cucumber Melon Antibacterial Gel
Hello Kitty Picture Wallet
Crown Business Card Holder-SHARP FREIGHT Cards
Barbie Notepad
Barbie Business Card Holder-Monavie & Blog Cards
Godiva Dark Chocolate Mini's
Yankee Clean Cotton Room Spray
Tide Stain Stick
Colgate Wisps-Mini Toothbrushes
Pen & Highlighter w/Tabs
Gold "Pouch"-Passport Panties
Cotton Candy Body Spray 
ULTA Vanilla Sugar Lotion

My Tampon Holder

Mini Medicine Cabinet

Passport Panties
Just in case your luggage is lost! He He.
SO SO cute!

Make-Up Bag

And...I always have a Monavie Bar, or Granola Bar...in case of emergencies. Yesterday was one, that's why it's not in my purse right now. 

So...that's it. Hope you enjoyed a peak into my bag! Me & my OCD self! Ha Ha! What's the craziest thing in yours? I wanna know! 

A Bag full of junk & a Heart full of love,


natalie b said...

so cute!!! Funniest thing in my bag lately is all the Hot Wheels cars I find!!! My little guy is ALWAYS stashing them in there when I'm not looking, lol!!!

Veronika said...

Awww...SO SO cute! =) That is adorable! Thank you for your comment! ALWAYS makes my days/nights! =) XO

VildesVerden said...

I love posts like this! And you have so many cute things. Not to mention organized! Have never seen the passport panties before, but what a great idea!

Veronika said...

Thank you SO much! For reading & for your sweet comment! =) You will LOVE them! SO SO cute! Thanks again! Have a beautiful day & weekend! XO

natalie b said...

forgot to ask you where do you get the cotton candy spray and the lip balm that smells so yummie?

Veronika said...

Natalie...both are from Amazon. Cotton Candy Spray from Prince Matchabelli & Soft Candy Lip Balm (Vanilla Buttercream) by TREAT. =) You will LOVE them both. SO SO yummy! =) XO

natalie b said...

got my yummie lip balm in the mail today!!! SOOOO GOOD!!! Awaiting my spray next!!! :)

Veronika said...

You did??? =) Yeay!!! I am so excited you got it & that you love it too! =) One of my very favorites! And the spray...you will love JUST as much! How fun! So happy you got them & are sharing the love with me! =) He He. Thanks for letting me know! Have a beautiful night, Sweetheart! XO