Monday, June 6, 2011

Cupcakes & Chandeliers

Hi Beauties! Sure hope everyone is having a great Monday & great start of the week! I spent my day playing with cupcakes & chandeliers! It was our "Geek Squad" guy Brandon's birthday today, so I played "school mom" & made him & his team cupcakes! He He. Strawberry with Buttercream frosting...B's favorite & request! Ha Ha! He figured Brandon would be too shy & not take us up on our offer to take the rest home to his family, so he figured I might as well make his favorite! LOL! And...he was right! The whole tree is still here and man are we enjoying them! Happy Birthday Brandon! Ha Ha. This was the "special" tray I made for him & he even blew out the candle! Way to embarrass the poor guy in front of all his co-workers! I just feel like everyone needs to make a wish on their Birthday. How cute is this tray by the way? I got it at Cracker Barrel (cutest restaurant & country store here)! It was marked down to like $7 & I just had to have it! Mama said it had my name written all over it! He He.

Here are the rest for the team. Oops...I mean B & Me! Funny story about these oh so boring, naked cupcakes! I've been making cupcakes since the beginning of time & have always covered them with the cutest sprinkles I could find...until one day almost 5 years ago. Bobby is the first person I met in my entire life who absolutely hates sprinkles! Who hates sprinkles? It's like hating balloons! LOL! Anyway, where was I? Since him...he has convinced me that it is almost cruel to put sprinkles on cupcakes & swears that everyone hates them with a passion, so...hence these naked, sac-religious cupcakes! It makes me cringe to even look at these! LOL! They are just way too boring & don't scream HAPPY Birthday at all! Heck...they don't even whisper it! So...I am telling Brandon (Birthday Boy) the story & explained to him why I went against everything I believe in & made these "joke of cupcakes" & guess what he says? Yep. You guessed it. He LOVES sprinkles! Imagine that! Someone else who knows how to go all out for an occasion! Ha Ha! Which brings me to my Life's Lesson for the day...ALWAYS, no matter what...DO YOU. NEVER change for anyone & the next time I make a batch and someone just happens to hate sprinkles...well they can just pull those suckers off!!! Happy Freakin' Birthday! LOL! 

Now for the second part of my day. One of my favorite time of days...CRAFT TIME!!! As you guys know we just moved into our new house & are finishing up the final touches, which includes lots of projects! My very favorite part! I've been living on ETSY, trying to find all sorts of specific goodies & came across this shop...

Which has all different prints of pictures like these & the owner is so so sweet! 

Since I am a chandelier freak...I picked out a red one & a green one & went to work! I "bedazzle" everything, & my very favorite site for swarovski crystals is...

I get the "flat back" ones & use GEM-TAC glue (pictured below) & play til my hearts content! Ha Ha.

I just glued them random places that I wanted some bling & it turned a regular picture into a shiny masterpiece! 

Mommy's Little Helper. Gabbana.

Put them in frames & you've just added a whole lotta value to these puppies! They are so much cuter! so easy to make! 

TA DA!!!

When the light hits them just right...they are oh so pretty! Love them! Hope you guys do too! Thank you for letting me share my day with you! I always look forward to these moments! I would love to hear about your favorite crafts ! Do Share! Have a beautiful night, Gorgeous Dolls & I'll see you tomorrow! 

Cupcakes overflowing with sprinkles & mountains of bling too! 


marisdu said...

the framed chandelier pics look so cute! :D that's a great idea to decorate a room. and the cupcakes with the chandeliers- i don't think i've ever seen such a fashionable cupcake haha

Veronika said...

Awww...thank you VERY much, Sweetheart! =) For reading/following & for this very sweet comment! I appreciate it very much! Welcome to VKKD! SO glad to have you here! XO