Sunday, June 26, 2011


Happy Sunday Fun-day, Dolls!
Hope everyone is having a PERFECT last day of the weekend & I hope everyone's weather is as heavenly as mine here in Texas! Gonna take this day poolside in a minute, but have to tell you about what I'm loving today...besides all of you of course! MUAH! ULTA has been around for a while now I know, but until now...the only things I've ever seen from there were on SEPHORA's website. So...not long ago I received an email about a sale, ULTA itself was having, so of course I had to check it out! It is a smell good fan's dream!!! So many yummy things that I thought would smell so so yummy, and let me just tell you...they did not disappoint!!! Everything I got is TO DIE! They smell good enough to eat & not any of the calories! That's what I'm talkin' about! 

Here's what I got...

The 3-in-one SHOWER SMOOTHIES that are multi-purpose for Bubble Bath, Body Wash & Conditioner, but for me...I use them to fill up all the fancy soap dispensers in my house! People love smelling something so yummy when they wash their hands & the colors...oh so beautiful & perfectly summer! 

They have so many scents/colors, but here are the ones I started with...

I love everything Banana...Runts, Laffy Taffy, real Bananas, & of course the scent! So if you do will love this! Smells like a tropical vacation! 

This Watermelon one smells exactly how you picture it will! If you're a Watermelon fan...this ones for you! 

Can you say Heaven? No joke...smells exactly like frosting & instead of licking the bowl, I seriously had to stop myself from licking the pump! LOL! Heather...this ones for you, & don't think I didn't buy you one! It's on it's way! You will die

Smells like the tress outside Grandma's house! Summer just wouldn't be complete without this! Love it! 

How beautiful do all these colors look together? Love them! And if you have clear glass soap dispensers, or clear containers for bubble bath next to your tub...even more beautiful! 

But if you wanna get really fancy...How cute would something like this look? Even though this one takes away the cute colors...still adorable! Great for gifts too! 

And then the last things I got were anti-bacterial soaps, purse-sized lotions that I always carry with me. Using Vanilla Sugar right now & the smell is amazing & lasts a long time.  But the best...which I am saving for this adorable "swirl" Cupcake Lotion! Not only does it smell exactly like has glitter in it too! If you're as big of fan as me of all things will die! Even the cute! 

The SHOWER SMOOTHIES are on sale right now $14.99, but if you buy get 2 free!!! And they are HUGE! 24oz.

All things can be found or an ULTA store near you! I sound like a commercial! Ha Ha! 

Enjoy the rest of your day & Happy Shopping & Happy Summer! I'll see you beauties tomorrow but don't forget...6 more days left of my Giveaway & I promise you won't want to miss out! All I can tell you is I also own everything I'm giving away, so if you like what you've seen in my will love everything! Tell all you girls too, because that way, no matter who can all share! I love & thank you all! 

Lovin' Scents Good Enough To Eat,


Heather said...

Awe!!! Are you kidding? OMG! I feel soooo special! Thank you so much! Looks like you got some great stuff! Thanks for sharing!

Veronika said...

That's because you ARE Special & I know your love for Buttercream! =) You are very welcome, Sweetheart! My pleasure! Coming soon... XO