Friday, June 3, 2011

Operation Gorgeous!

Hi Gorgeous Dolls! Happy Friday!
I wanted to share with you an oh so fun project I started on my Wedding day & have continued...ever since. In the bathroom at our Wedding, I put together fun "girly" stuff for all my dolls to use, & framed this picture below. 

Since I loved it so much...I saved it...and it's now on display in our bathroom at our new home!

I've taken my love for it a lot further & made duplicates & carry them around in my planner. Whenever I'm in a public restroom (one that doesn't gross me out. Ha Ha) -Restaurants, Office Buildings, etc...I take one out & stick it on the mirror, for all the dolls in the world to see...and to feel. I also carry some "lip" stickers to stick it to the mirror, for some color, extra fun, & of make it stick! It's such a fun way to make people's day & do my little part to spread some extra sunshine! We all have not so gorgeous days & what a cute way to turn our days around! How fun would it be if one of YOU see one of my signs one day! If you ever must let me know! It would totally make my day! He He! And if you decide to share the gorgeous too...please let me know as well! 

Guys & Dolls Everywhere...YOU ARE GORGEOUS & if no one else told you so today...I did!

Hold your head up high & your signs even higher,


marisdu said...

that's such a cute idea! i've done that with sticky notes and I hope nobody walks in as i'm putting the sticky note up haha that would be a bit awkward!

Veronika said...

He He. I know EXACTLY what you mean! I always try my best to make sure no one is coming. Kinda like Santa on Christmas morning. Not the same effect if someone sees you! =) LOVE that you do it too!