Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pink & Green Thursdays!

Hi Beauties! Sure hope everyone is having a PERFECT day! So...I just found out about a blog called PINK PREPPY LILLY LOVER & her adorable Author, Trish, by my oh so favorite girl, Heather from BIG CITY BELLE (following along? Ha Ha) & her Pink & Green Thursday Ritual! A weekly "link up" where little bloggers like me can "join" her site & share in the love! utter coincidence...I just so happened to post a "pink theme" today, having no idea of this new concept! Since my post was added this morning, I wanted to post another one real quick to make sure to give a shout out to these two girls & thank them BOTH for allowing me to share in all of this fun! Trish...thank you for helping us brand new bloggers out (LOVE your page, by the way) & thank YOU, Beautiful "Belle", for being the epitome of a "girlfriend" & for all of your endless love & support. You are loved & appreciated more than you know! Have a wonderful night, Dolls. Sleep with the Angels. 


Feeling The Love,



Heather said...

Awe! Thank YOU honey bunny! Nicely done!

Veronika said...

=) Thank YOU! Thank you with ALL of my heart, for ALL of your help & beautiful friendship! Love you, Belle! XO