Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Hey Gorgeous Dolls! 
Happy Tuesday! Hope all of you are having a wonderful week so far! Wanted to update you on the newest! I'm now on Pinterest & joining all of you beauties in staying up much too late, and spending way too much time playing on this oh so fun newest "it" thing! What is Pinterest? I've finally taken the time to figure it out & here's my definition...

"A virtual collage of all the things you love!", right?

Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web by pinning it on to your virtual pinboards. You can also browse through others pinboards to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests. With the virtual pinboards it’s fun and easy to be inspired to redecorate your home, plan a party, find your style and most your inspirations. 

Or this definition I found that also sums it up...

LOL! on my newest tab, "PIN ME"... & let's play! I'd love to share your favorite things with you! 

My other newest addition is my "professional" Blog Button, created by my Blog Genius, Shari from The Little Blue Deer! She is wonderful & if you or someone you know needs a brand new, or updated blog...she's your girl! 

For those of you who've already added my own creation of my button to your blog & want to change it to this one...please feel free! Thank you so so much! Both of our buttons are to the right of this post!

And...for all of you who've entered my Giveaway...I love you & I thank you! For all of you who have yet to...please do! You still have 4 days left & I don't want you to miss out! Please go to my "Happy 100" post & enter away! 

Have a beautiful night, know how much I truly love & appreciate all of you who take the time to share my world & my heart...and I'll see you tomorrow! 

Happy Pinning & Happy Winning,


Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

Hi Veronika! So nice to meet you ... I'm Sandy, the artist and creator of the Ooh La Frou Frou card line and its accompanying blog. Saw your blog mentioned by one of my sweet Twitter and blog followers, Big City Belle, and thought I'd come see ya! Your blog is fabulous .. so nice to meet new blogging friends! I'll follow you with google as soon as I finish this comment comment ... I'd love it if you'd do the same!

The Ooh La Frou Frou Collection card line features eight illustrated city girls ... the blog is a "behind-the-scenes" in to their fantasy lives. You will see that I mention I'm away on vacation right now in the current blog post, but you can learn about each of the glamorous characters of the card line by looking back through the last few posts. I did a "Glamorous Review" of each of them, and show you the "fantasy" homes they live in in the city. Fun stuff ;)

Twitter: @oohlafroufrou

Heather said...

Veronika! I am so happy you loved my feature! We are totally in this together! I am always here for you. I am so happy Sandy from Ooh La Frou Frou found you! You will DIE when you check out her blog! Seriously spectacular! YAY!!!

Veronika said...

Sandy...Thank you, with ALL of my heart for visiting, commenting, & for following! Just stopped by your blog & it is TO DIE!!! Heather was NOT kidding!!! =) I absolutely LOVE it! Can't wait to take some time & check EVERYTHING out! I am now following you as well & I'm going to add your button to my page too! SO SO cute! =) Thank you a new blogger...means the absolute world! Have a beautiful day & wonderful 4th! Love & Hugs to you, new friend! XO

Veronika said... were NOT kidding...TO DIE!!! SUCH a cute blog! I can't tell you enough, so I'm just gonna shout it from the Blog Tops...THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! =) XO