Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Last Meal

Last "Cheat" Meal that is! B & I spent last night at BJ's, celebrating my last supper before my bikini (Ha Ha) & watching Dallas beat Miami! Even though Lakers are & forever will be...our team, since they aren't playing in the finals...we may as well root for our new home state! SUCH exciting games...these finals! 


Here's My Meal...Summed Up.

ALL of my favorites! 

Pot Stickers

Pizza, of course.

And their to die strawberry dessert!
Not a huge chocolate fan, so Pizookies aren't my weakness!

ALL of that...before I get ready for this!

4th. of July is one of my very favorite holidays of all time & I love to go all out! My house will scream red, white & blue! He He! LOVE it!'s time to truly declare my independence & get my booty back in tip top shape again! I truly believe that there's way more power in numbers, so if I promise all of you I will...I feel like all of you are on this journey with me & are rooting for me too! Makes it way more fun this way! Knowing that we are all in this together! So...if you too, want to get "4th of july bikini ready"...let me know & I'll be cheerin' for you too! Here's to ALL of us getting ready to truly celebrate our Independence! Who's with me? We CAN do it! Love you all! 

25 days & counting,

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