Saturday, November 19, 2011


I've reached 100 Followers/Friends...YEAY!
Hopefully it means it's 100 lives I've even the smallest way!
THAT'S the part I love the most!
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
To each & every one of you...who take time out of your days, to share even a brief moment with me...I am honored & oh so blessed to have you here on this journey, and to call you my friends.
My goal is to provide a place where you can feel loved, protected, cherished, encouraged, free to be yourself, heard, cared for...if even for a second.
Because the truth is...I AM here, I DO care, and I Love & Appreciate ALL of you!

To show a tiny bit of my gratitude...This is for you!

The legendary Midnight Cowboy rides again... in a giftable,
covetable palette.
Inspired by one of our best-selling shades,
we've rounded up the sequel shadows,
AND a new full-size lipgloss!

Let Midnight Cowboy and friends tempt
you out way past your bedtime!
This giftable palette is packed with sparkle
and holds everything you need to look gorgeous
until the sun comes up.

Preen Shadow Box
is a limited edition palette
which consists of 6 shadows,
2 of which are exclusive to this palette:
Painkiller (shimmery turquoise) and Snatch (light peachy-pink).
The box also includes a mini Primer Potion (eye primer),
and an Eye Pencil in 'Zero'.
The packaging is pretty,
ideal for travel and equipped with a mirror
for on-the-go makeup.

Snatch - soft shimmery peach, makes a great highlighter,
looks amazing with Smog and Toasted.
Mildew - dirty army green, slightly metallic,
team with Snatch, Smog and Toasted to create a smokey eye.
Reminds me of Mac Humid eye shadow.
Flash - a vibrant purplish -violet, can be toned down,
or mixed with Painkiller for a more playful look.
Painkiller - bright turquoise, goes well with Flash and Snatch.
Smog - golden brown, looks good with neutrals; golds, greens and beige.
Toasted - light brownish taupe, team with Smog and Snatch for a neutral look.

They are all highly pigmented with great color pay off, very glittery, easy to blend and stay on throughout the day. Personally, I find the colors very attractive, and love the velvety gem-like texture which is inspired by the shades of a peacock. With this palette, can easily achieve the neutral, vibrant and smokey look you are after.

This glittery collection of body art
seduces the eyes.
Lay these designs wherever you want glances to linger.
Try pairing the swallow with the rose (exclusive to this kit!),
the snake with a shower of stars,
or the skull with your existing ink.

This set includes five shades of glitter, glue, and stencils for some outrageously cool body art.
Simply peel off the back of a stencil, apply a thin coat of glue, shake glitter on, and fan off the excess. Presto!
Glittery body art in a flash.

 This giveaway is open to all my blog followers. This way you get one automatic entry for being a follower, you just need to comment below.
Post about the giveaway on either Twitter or Facebook (or both) and get one additional entry (2 entries if you post in both places). And of course I need to be your friend/ be able to be sure that you did! Gotta be fair! If I'm not already...add me to both with my links in the sidebar (FACEBOOK & TWEETHEARTS).
♥ Follow & post on my Facebook "Fan" Page (PAPARAZZI)
If you make a post/mention in your blog about this giveaway you get TWO entries!

Being a follower: 1 entry
Tweet about the giveaway: 1 entry
Promote on Facebook: 1 entry
Promote on Facebook Fan Page: 1 entry
Promote on your blog: 2 entries

Now, you just need to comment with your name & all your entries, pretty please & also link me to your tweet/facebook post/blog post to get the additional entries if you promote.
For all of my Facebook Friends, who are not "bloggers" & don't yet follow my blog...I know a lot of you have had trouble before, so the best way for me to explain it is...
1. Click on the little blue button above all the little faces you see on the left hand side of my page that reads, "JOIN THIS SITE". From there you will have the option to join with either your Google, Twitter, or Yahoo accounts. If you don't have any of these...the easiest one would be to create a Google account. VERY simple instructions from there. This way...all of you to be able to win!

This Giveaway will run for exactly one week, & will close next Saturday, November. 26th at Midnight! (Texas Time)
Winner will be announced the following day!

There will be 2 winners this time!
One, Grand Prize Winner will win all three shown above
One, Additional Winner will receive both pallets...minus the glitter tattoos.
(Only because I only have 1 of those)
Any ideas as to how I can pick the second winner?
What would be fair/fun?
Please comment & let me know?

Here's to you, my Gorgeous Kandy Girls & Guys! 
( could win this for a special girl in your life!)
You are the most favorite followers/friends one could ask or wish for.
Thank you all so much for being here & supporting my little blog.
I love & appreciate you all!

100+ lives touched (hopefully) & counting...


Ashley said...

I'm a gfc follower. Ashley Hewell

hewella1 at gmail dot com

Megan said...

I have followed you via Bloglovin for a while, but I now follow via GFC as well :)

Veronika said...

Yeay! SO excited to have you girls here! =) Welcome & Thank You! =) Happy Saturday! XO

Jenna said...

I am a follower!

Jenna :)

Carolyn said...

I'm a follower! :)

Kori Donahue said...

Enter me please!!!! Kori xoxo

SAUCY | f. | BABY said...

Hi doll! This is such a generous giveaway!

------------- I'm now a GFC Follower under: SAUCY | f. | BABY


Thank you SO much for the chance! :)

--- Nicole

sadia said...
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Anonymous said...

Yippee! I'm a follower. Burtsbee fan is moi gfc. ................
Moi followin' on Facebook as rafaq nahid & twitter is mandela44. tweeted 2.

Leslie said...

Hey Veronika, you know I am a follower on her and on fb. I was one of the first ones on here to follow you. Looks like a fun and exciting giveaway!!!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

hello! Im a new follower invited by sadia. Im facebuk follower (Monisha Periwinkle). Lovely prize.

Maniya said...
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Maniya said...
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