Sunday, November 20, 2011

Happy Sunday, Sweethearts.

Happy "Sunday Sweethearts", Beautiful Dolls!

Thank you so much for joining me on my "Sunday Sweethearts" link-up!
I'm so excited to have you with me!

The inspiration behind this, is a day to share ALL the things that happened during the previous week...that made your heart...a little sweeter.

I wanted to start this "movement", in hopes that everyone who reads these precious moments...will inspire each other to love a little more, and to become aware of the impact a simple act of kindness/love...really does have on our lives. We all can make a difference., no matter how small, and I truly believe that love really does...make life worth living. No matter what each of us are going through...when you surround yourself with love & goodness...the world absolutely gets a whole lot sweeter.
It's my little version of "Paying It Forward".

I would love nothing more, than for you to join me on this touch, inspire, & of course...make many lives as we possibly can!

How awesome would that be!!!

I can't wait to begin this crusade with all of you & to make the world ♥ at a time!

Here are mine this week...

1. When I Received These

Hand delivered to my Sister's House...from a special friend on my California visit! SO SO sweet & SO SO beautiful. Thank you so much, Z!

2. Waking Up Every Morning To These

My, too precious for words...Dolce & Gabbana. Our Babies. They bring us more happiness than words could ever express & we love them with all of our hearts.

3. Hearing & Reading This

 "Morning sister!! So, a radio station out here started playing Christmas music 24/7, and I heard this song on the way to work this morning. I cried throughout the whole thing, so I knew you would too :). Hehe...a beautiful song with a beautiful message. Enjoy! Love you!!!"

She couldn't know me better! I love you so so much, Tammi & I miss you more than you know!

Here's what I wrote back to her...

"GOOD LORD!!! I can't even see to type this! =( You couldn't be more right, Sister...obviously! =) Wow. Absolutely beautiful. Nothing like a good cry! One of my favorite quotes is..."The soul has no rainbow if the eyes have no tears", and let me just tell you how BIG my rainbow is! =) He He. Every every way...I love you. Thank you for always thinking of me. XO"

Tammi is my Best Friend/Little Sister/Female Soul Mate & everything else in between...that I miss every single day! After spending many wonderful years together in California, she now lives in Colorado with her beautiful family.

4. Seeing This

Watching B buy & drive the car of his dreams.
A '54 Chevy, 5 Window Truck
Because it's been sitting, the bed was filled with fall leaves.
As he drove off (with me following), along our country road...leaves were flowing out & filling the sky with such beauty.
SUCH a special moment.
I looked on in such joy, with of eyes filled with tears.
A forever dream. Finally fulfilled.

The best part this picture right here.
3 years ago, B sat in & admired...this EXACT truck.
Still here. Still waiting for him to have it.
A million & one admirers, photo opts, parade runs, wedding uses, & inquiries...but no buyers.
It was meant for him.
And I couldn't be happier.
Because HE couldn't be happier!

5. Receiving A Beautiful, Touching Email

From someone so special. Someone I love so so much!
I so very thankful, Mama. To you...and for you.
Always have been. Forever will be.
I love you to heaven.

Thank you to all of you for reading & an extra special Thank You, in advanced...for all of you who join me! I love & appreciate you...all!
Please grab the button code from my sidebar, insert it into your post, and then join the link-up below! Can't wait to see what made your heart...a little sweeter!

Happy Sunday, Beautiful!
Warm hugs to you!

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Sweethearts Unite !


Anonymous said...

Beautiful flowers!!!

Your hubby & his truck made me smile. I know it makes me happy to see my husband happy :)

Tammi said...

Now I am crying :(. I miss you SO freakin much. I couldn't be more appreciative to have you in my life. LOVE every piece of you! SO glad you liked that song. Also, tell Bobby CONGRATS on getting that truck. He/you both deserve it! What an accomplishment to dream about something and then finally obtain it. SO SO happy for you both. LOVE you